Thursday, January 31, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST

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The Center for Rural Development
2292 South Highway 27
Somerset, KY 42501

Training Room-2nd Floor




Crinda Francke, President and Owner of ExecuTrain of Kentucky, has been working in the training and development industry for over 15 years.

Ms Francke, President and Owner of ExecuTrain of Kentucky in 1990 with a BBA in Business Administration, Ms. Francke worked as a computer analyst and accountant until 1994 when she became the sales manager for ExecuTrain of Lexington. In 1997, she purchased the existing ExecuTrain of Lexington franchise becoming the President and CEO. In 2000, she expanded the ExecuTrain territory by purchasing the Louisville operation and franchise rights.  Having worked with hundreds of Kentucky organizations to design, plan, and deliver their employee training programs, Ms. Francke has been involved in all aspects of employee development.

Ms. Francke and her team of ExecuTrain instructors will bring a variety of dynamic new training opportunities to The Business and Community Traiing Center in Somerset.

Patti Simpson


Motivating at Work


Course Description:  Follow these handy tips and you will increase team performance while making the job more enjoyable for everyone. Become a leader who inspires and rewards employees to give their best. Raise expectations and performance. Learn how to create a motivating workplace. Increase productivity with the LEARN method.

Course Content:

Part 1: Create the Motivating Workplace
Meet the Difficult Employee
Why Employees Don't Get the Job Done!
Close the Commitment Gap!
What Makes Employees Happy?
Ten Qualities Employees Want in a Job
Your One-Page Productivity Plan

Part 2: Motivating Through Empowerment
How to Empower Your Staff
The First Phase of Empowerment
The Second Phase of Empowerment
The Third Phase of Empowerment
The Empowering Supervisor
The Empowering Organization
Becoming an Empowering Organization

Part 3: Five Steps to Success 

Step 1: Learn to Lead
The Efficient-Manager Checklist
Employees Who Think for Themselves
Bonus Section: Pass on the Vision
Share the Vision!
Creating the Vision
What Is Your Vision
Case Situation 1 

Step 2: Examine Expectations
Reorganize the Work Flow
Make Work Interesting
Bonus Section: S.O.S.: Solution Finder
S.O.S. = Situation + Opportunity = Solution
Case Situation 2  

Step 3: Act Like You Care
Learn to Listen
Keep Employees Informed
A Listening and Informing Survey
Bonus Section: Your Unique Style
Four Personality Types
Case Situation 3  

Step 4: Respect Employees as Professionals
Respect Employees' Feelings
Recognize Quality Performance
A Time for You
Bonus Section: The Power of 4
Case Situation 4 

Step 5:
 Never Stifle Personal Growth
How High Is Your I.Q.? (Innovation Quotient)
How High Is Your Organization's I.Q.?
Bonus Section: Your Goal Sheet
Case Situation 5

Part 4: Practice What You've Learned
Two-Week Checklist
Three-Week Checklist
One-Month Checklist

Your Empowerment Plan

 This class is offered through a partnership between The Center and Executrain. 



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