Tuesday, February 26, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST

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The Center for Rural Development
2292 South Highway 27
Somerset, KY 42501

Training Room-2nd Floor




Crinda Francke, President and Owner of ExecuTrain of Kentucky, has been working in the training and development industry for over 15 years.

Ms Francke, President and Owner of ExecuTrain of Kentucky in 1990 with a BBA in Business Administration, Ms. Francke worked as a computer analyst and accountant until 1994 when she became the sales manager for ExecuTrain of Lexington. In 1997, she purchased the existing ExecuTrain of Lexington franchise becoming the President and CEO. In 2000, she expanded the ExecuTrain territory by purchasing the Louisville operation and franchise rights.  Having worked with hundreds of Kentucky organizations to design, plan, and deliver their employee training programs, Ms. Francke has been involved in all aspects of employee development.

Ms. Francke and her team of ExecuTrain instructors will bring a variety of dynamic new training opportunities to The Business and Community Traiing Center in Somerset.

Patti Simpson




Time Management/Organizational Skills/Professionalism


Course Description: The rules in business are more flexible than ever before. That means it's actually harder to know what's appropriate at any time. Fortunately the keys to conducting yourself in the workplace are still understanding, kindness and courtesy. Make sure you know how to represent yourself and your company in any situation.

It doesn't matter if you use a paper notebook or the fanciest smartphone, mastering your use of time will help you achieve more and worry less. Everyone has the power to take control of their time. Learn the basic principles of time management and also learn the benefits of organization, how to manage paperwork and organize your desk, and where items should be kept.

Course Content
Positioning Yourself as a Professional
Developing a "Big Picture" Viewpoint

Your Attitude and Your Job

Enhancing Your Professional Image
Assessing Your Image

The Benefits of a Professional Image
Non-Verbal Communication or Body Language

Expanding Your Skills
Prioritizing Work Overload

Setting Priorities
Time Management Principles
Time Management Techniques (planning aids)
Avoiding Time Wasters

Organization Skills
Organizing Space

Organizing Workflows
Email Organization

Communicating for Results
Communication Skills

Writing with Confidence
Writing E-Mails
How Well Do You Listen?
Effective Presentation Skills

 This class is offered through a partnership between The Center and Executrain. 




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