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Driving Directions 


Sandra Jaquith 
Higher Alignment 

Organizational Alignment

                 with Naomi Bauer & Larry Byram

Free Intro on Thursday, August 25
   6 - 9 p.m. MDT
2945 Center Green Court, Suite E, Boulder, Colorado  80301

Selecting Great Employees

Attracting the right employees requires consciousness. We need to first create the right environment where individuals can be creatively fulfilled, supported and be backed up by the organization, before we require them to step in and perform. How are you doing in this process?
Higher Alignment encourages the use of Compatibility Assessments to construct the right balance of skills, tenacity and excellence in creating new teams. It is designed for business leaders and HR professionals of small organizations because they are the ones who need it the most. Small organizations need to distinguish themselves by their people. Nothing sells their services better than a well-prepared, confident, and presentable representative. Higher Alignment has been doing consulting in this area for over twenty years. During this time, we have had many experiences about what works and what doesn't work, and what businesses can do to guarantee the best results.

We will be discussing, not only the Compatibility Assessment, but how we identify what is in alignment with the purpose of the team itself. We will also quickly review the ground rules we have developed for how to maximize connectivity within a small team. We will also demonstrate some of the patterns that work and do not work to make this process more obvious. One of the main takeaways we want people to have from this discussion is that we can construct team that do not have as much Intensity or Anxiety as a result. What we want is an ability to speak up, express our concerns and move on if they aren't the concerns of others in the group. This requires an ability to listen to each other and function as a supportive team. While there are many ways to build this kind of camaraderie, Higher Alignment can distinguish these positive patterns from other negative patterns where dissension rules. Each team can then be judged based on its synergy, its creative resourcefulness, and its harmony. We hope you will join us in exploring these options.



               Then Join Us for Organizational Alignment
                                   on Thursdays

September 1 - November 17, 2016
6 - 9 p.m. MDT

2945 Center Green Court, Suite E,Boulder, Colorado  80301

$397 Boulder Classroom
            Boulder classroom price allows you to be in the classroom or on-line.
$347 On-line Webinar

All registered students will receive recordings of the classes
with video, Mp3, and pdfs of slides.

Synergistic Team Building


          Class Titles

        Transformational Leadership

        Calibrating Organization Consciousness

        Effective Motivational Strategies

        Organizational Defensiveness

        Customer-based Leadership

        Decision-making Processes

        Communication Patterns

        Organizational Design

        Employee Assessment Tools

        Selecting Congruent Employees

        Partnering Processes

        Creative Teamwork Strategies


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