Santa Cruz SCORE Business Mentors


December 12th, 2018

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Simpkins Family Swim Center

Conference Room 

979 17th Ave,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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Save Yourself With SYSTEMS for Success 


Save Yourself With Systems for Success:

A Hands-On Workshop: Get Help With Your Business

Do what you do best, Systematize the rest. A Systems Strategy will save you valuable time and reduce the frustration and stress of constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Key Topics to be covered:

• The Entrepreneur, The Manager, The Technician

• The Franchise Prototype

• Working On your business, not In it.

 Key Learning Points for participants:

• Every business has systems and processes (intentional or not) in place that create the end result or product.

• A good system or process makes it much easier to determine where problems and opportunities are.

• Good systems and processes managed well make mediocre employees good and good employees great.

• Developing a Systems Strategy/Template shortens systems development time and creates more effective outcomes.

• The best systems and processes fail without adequate management and invested people.

• Most problems in business are a result of inadequate management or leadership. No matter how good the system or process, if management does not manage—for example, find good people, create positive vision of the future, create appropriate systems and processes, properly train and measure performance, and hold employees accountable for results—the best business will fail.

 This is true even if the “employees” are outsourced.

 Your Presenter:

Karen Calcagno is a serial entrepreneur who has started, operated, and profitably sold a number of businesses in diverse fields over the last several decades. An expert on relationship issues, Karen is founder and principal at Advantage Family Business Center where she coaches family business relationships at stressful turning points: succession, end of life and estate planning and distribution. She co-founded and served as Founding Chair of the Santa Cruz Chapter of SCORE. She has been a volunteer SCORE counselor since the early 90s, serving hundreds of clients over the past 20 years

Seating is limited - Pre-registration is suggested.
Rescheduling may occur in case of low attendance.