Friday, January 29, 2021 from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM MST
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Bo Donegan 
Colorado Defense Lawyers Association 

Deposition Skill Series

The best way to learn how to effectively take a deposition is by trying cases and seeing how your deposition transcripts hold up in trial; unfortunately, that is not a luxury most people have…until now. It is an invaluable opportunity for young lawyers to learn how to prepare for a deposition, take the deposition, and then use that information effectively at trial. Although it is not required to participate in both trainings, it would be beneficial. However, participants are free to take part in one, two, or both trainings. 

Part I:
How to Prepare for Taking a Deposition

January 29, 2021 from 1:35 - 5:05 pm

3.5 CLE credits applied for / CDLA Members Only Please 

Hillary Patterson, Patterson Ripplinger
Dr. Mike McCabeExigent Forensic Consulting

Sponsored by:
Exigent Forensic Consulting
Ponderosa Associates Forensic Engineering
Rimkus Consulting Group

This CLE is one of several offerings in a series of CLEs focused on developing skills for New Lawyers (New Lawyer Bootcamp, Writing Workshops, How to Prepare for Taking a Deposition, Deposition Boot Camp, and Trial Academy). These can be taken as stand-alone CLEs, but logically build on the skills new lawyers should hone in their early years of practice as they work through discovery, briefing, and trial phases of a case. In this CLE, experienced attorneys will teach new lawyers how to prepare to take a deposition.  The presentation will focus on goals (discovery, motions, boxing in a witness, etc.), organization, outlines, and methodology for each.

Hillary will be joined by Dr. Mike McCabe from Exigent Forensic Consulting who will discuss techniques for deposing expert witnesses.

Part II:
Deposition Skills Boot Camp–Learning by Doing


February 19, 2021 from 8:05 am to 5:05 pm 

 8 hours CLE applied for / CDLA Members Only Please

Jason Young, Pearl Schneider Young


Sponsored by:
Pike Court Reporting 
Forensic Pursuit

The method of instruction for this deposition program will follow the basic learning/teaching model of “learning by doing” in a simulated deposition setting followed by constructive critique from an experienced instructor. Participants will discuss persuasive legal and factual theories of their case, learn the funnel technique for gathering information (from general to specific), and using exhibits. Participants will learn a skill in a large group lecture, split into small groups with an instructor, immediately put what they learned into practice, and they will receive constructive feedback on their performance with a “fix” for any issue that arose…and then they will do it again. It will be an active day of learning a skill and then instantly applying it; in addition, students will learn from watching their other small group participants apply the same skills in different ways and hearing the instructor’s critique/fix as they relate to other issues that arise.   

Moreover, we will have live court reporters in the small group break-out sessions.  Learning how to work with a court reporter in order to build a clean and usable transcript is an invaluable opportunity.

Given the small hands-on nature of this training, participation will be limited. 

To Register for Part I

How to Prepare for Taking Depositions, Click Here

January 29, 2021 from 1:30 - 5:00 pm.

This is a Members Only CLE, and free to its Members 

To Register for Part II

Deposition Boot Camp—Learning by Doing, Click Here

February 19, 8:05 am - 5:05 pm

 This is a Members Only CLE, and free to its Members