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Making Money in a Tough Market
Hamburg Radisson Blu Hotel September 19 2012
Can you reduce costs equivalent to 3 per cent of gross revenue?
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Wed Sept 19, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

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Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg 
Marseiller Straße 2
Hamburg 20355


Stephan Polomsky

Lars Modin

Martin Shaw

Georgios Poularas


Stephan Polomsky, managing director,
Offen Tankers

Lars Modin, managing director, International Tanker Management (ITM)

Martin Shaw,
managing director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd (formerly Vice President Technical, BP Shipping)

Giorgios Poularas, COO, Enesel SA


Chair: Dimitris Lyras, director, Lyras Shipping

9.30 Martin Shaw, managing director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd (formerly Vice President Technical, BP Shipping) - 
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-Can tanker operations be managed in a different way 
-The choices a tanker operator has to make 
-Have we made operation too complex?
-Managing costs rather than 'slash and burn'
-How cost cutting can put you out of business 
-The new tanker operator..agile and resilient

9.50 Stephan Polomsky, managing director of Offen Tankers 
keynote address - the challenges of tanker operation
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10.10 Lars Modin, managing director, International Tanker Management (ITM)
Staying on top of performance requirements - the best way to save money/be cost efficient
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10.30 Giorgios Poularas, COO, Enesel SA
Developing a good relationship with the oil majors
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11.10 Jan Erik Rasanen, business manager, Energy Solutions, ABB Marine
Improving vessel energy performance
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11.40 Jose Milhazes, business process manager, Stolt Tankers
Improving maintenance management key processes for potential savings
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12.00 Panel discussion - morning speakers

1.00 Lunch and close  



The conference will look at:-

  • The challenges of tanker operation and how to improve your management
  • How do management systems help and how do they hinder?
  • Avoiding lost revenue through quality problems
  • Reducing fuel costs ( which helps with environmental goals)
  • Cost management including getting the best from drydocks
  • Getting the best from your crew while avoiding cost escalation

The conference challenge is to take 3% off your gross costs.

Global economic slowdown and overcapacity have driven freight rates to low levels.  It is not clear how long these conditions will last but estimates range from three to ten years.  What is clear is that some companies have failed, some will fail, some will survive and some will succeed and come out of the slump stronger. 

The decisions that have been made and will be made over the next year will determine your company’s position.  

The conference will concentrate on the areas of revenue and costs and how to manage them in this difficult environment.  The link between quality and revenue is clear in the tanker industry.

The tanker industry has, through much hard work, created a well deserved reputation for quality, a reputation that could be put at risk if ill advised cost cutting results in incidents and oil pollution. 

After a long period of boom costs will have risen and these costs needs to be managed but managed carefully to avoid creating incidents, harming customer relationships and incurring unexpected costs from ill thought through ‘slash and burn’ cost cutting. 

Delegates registered include

Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement, managing director; Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Operations Manager, fleet manager; Chemikalien Seetransport, deputy operations manager, controllerin; ElbOil GmbH, Trader; General Maritime Management (Portugal), Managing Director; Interorient Marine Service (Germany) GmbH & Co KG, managing director, Senior Technical Superintendent; Purchasing Coordinator; OSM Ship Management GmbH, Managing Director, general manager; Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH, chartering, executive director; Shipcare Management, executive director,  V.Ships Germany, fleet manager 

The Hamburg Tanker Operator Conference is the second in a series run by Tanker Operator Magazine and Ulysses Systems which aim to bring significant industry figures together to discuss the biggest issues of the day.    Watch the videos and see the presentations from the first conference in Athens.



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