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Tuesday April 8, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EEST
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Metropolitan Hotel 
385 Syngrou Ave
175 64
Athens 175 64

Driving Directions 
Making Money in a Tough Market
Metropolitan Hotel, Athens, Tuesday April 8 2014
Keeping afloat in a difficult market - strong management systems - turning eco-pressures into business advantage 

Our third Tanker Operator Athens conference, on Tuesday April 8th, provided top industry expertise on how to keep your business afloat through these continuing difficult market conditions by developing strong management systems, and how to turn the 'Ecotanker' developments into a business opportunity.

Presentations and videos can be downloaded from links in the agenda below. 






9.15 Dimitris Lyras, Director of Ulysses Systems
Chairman's introduction 




9.30 Martin Shaw, Managing Director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd The voyage ahead-21st century tanker management

Tanker operations have changed substantially  in the last 40 years.    It’s possible to identify at least four different phases over that period influenced by economics and changing views on safety, operations and the environment.  The market continues to be weak at present and it is not clear when a robust freight market will return.   What is clear though is that the next ten years will not be the same as the last ten.  There is no reason to expect that what lead to operational success in the past will remain the same.  The operator who gets ahead of the pack in identifying the new direction will not only survive but succeed when the market recovers.   What will be the key to 21st century tanker operation?                                                                                                              Watch the video - View the slides 




10.00 Georgios E. Poularas, COO, ENESEL S.A. Strong management systems as a survival tactic

  • Outsourcing and retain control
  • Invest on IT systems
  • Human Resources to become strategic management department next to Top Management
  • In-house vs third party ship management
  • Develop company culture
  • Find ‘’a star’’ for every position                                       Watch the video - View the slides

10.30 Rene Jungbluth, naval architect and former technical director, Exmar Ship Management
Experiences with sustainable shipping at Exmar                    Watch the video - View the slides

11.00 Coffee break




11.40  Stylianos Mavrelos, Technical Director, Capital Ship Management 

Continuing eco-pressures and how to deal with them

  • Operational and technical measures to reduce EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator) and EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index)
  • Cost effectiveness of different measures
  • Reducing fuel sulphur content - LNG / dual fuel, scrubbers, MGO (marine gas oil)
  • How to reduce NOx by 90%
  • Ballast water management technology                           Watch the video - View the slides

12.10 Panel Discussion with morning speakers

13.00 Lunch Break 




14.00 Panos A. Kourkountis, Technical Director, Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd
Latest developments in the design and management of ships

  • Technical solutions to improve management
  • Reducing fuel costs - vessel technology, management systems
  • The uncertainty during the evaluation of technologies. What is working and what is not.                                                                                                        Watch the video - View the slides




14.30  Dimitris Orfanos, Chief Operating Officer / HSEQ Manager (DPA/CSO), Dorian (Hellas) S.A. 
Strong management systems as a survival tactic - Nothing to do with ISM Compliance!

  • Why we want a strong management system - for the ISM Code or for us?
  • How can key ISM requirements work to our favour?
  • What real-world results can we get?
  • How can we show that it is all worth the fuss?                   Watch the video - View the slides

15.30  Panel Discussion with afternoon speakers

16.00 Close - Drinks reception

Speaker biographies

Martin Shaw is Founder of Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd (MOAMS Ltd) a marine operations management consultancy combining research with hands on consultancy. He was previously VP technical, VP HSSE, Project Manager Group Marine Standard and regional director EMEA with BP Shipping. 

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