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5th Tanker Operator Hamburg conference - October 18, 2016
"What is good and what is bad for tanker operators"
Bad documentation, hindrance from vetting inspectors and PSC


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Room Ellipse I, Hamburg Hafen Hotel 
Seewartenstraße 9
Hamburg 20459

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Tuesday October 18, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CEST
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Our 5th Tanker Operator Hamburg conference, in October 18, had a half day discussion about pertinent issues for tanker operators today - in particular improving the quality of documentation, and whether oil companies and the PSC process is overall positive in terms of improving safety, and if we can gain benefit from sharing experiences, perhaps with the help of a class society. "What is Good and What is Bad for Tanker Operators".

Presentations and videos will be posted in the agenda below once they are available


8.30 - Welcome coffee

Dimitris Lyras, Director of Ulysses Systems
9.15 Chairman's introduction


9.20 Martin Shaw, Managing Director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions

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The tanker industry..the good news and the bad news
The industry now and next
- World growth, sustainability
- Oil industry, oil price crisis
- Who is the customer?
- How does it affect the tanker industry?

The ship operator and his challenges
- new regulations/requirements
- The system
- Is there another system?

9.50 Norman Schmiedl, Crewing Director, Columbia Shipmanagement

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Do we have a working environment where people can continually learn and improve, including from colleagues and oil major inspectors? Are we managing to avoid a blame culture?

10.20 Dr Stephan Polomsky, managing director, Offen Tankers

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Tanker operator and crew challenges today and tomorrow 

10.50 Break

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11.20  George Poularas, Chief Operating Officer, Enesel SA
Resilience: A new approach to safety 

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11.50 Sergey Gribanov, Head of Technical Service Management, Germany. DNV GL Maritime

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How DNV GL helps tanker companies by sharing operational experience
- Improving safety and avoiding failures and unscheduled repairs onboard
- Broader view on PSC Inspection results to improve the company's performance
- Gaining better insight into their operations

12.20 Captain Mark Bull FNI, director, Trafalgar Navigation
The safety record of the tanker industry
- the good and bad points and what has contributed towards it
- The effect of administration on the shipboard team - Could anything be gained by sharing information with other sectors of the marine industry (passenger, container, dry bulk)

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12.50 Discussion - what is good and what is bad for tanker operators

1.10 Lunch


These are some of the topics for discussion:

Are oil company inspectors providing sufficient opportunity for minor deficiencies to be corrected without a negative commercial impact?

Are class societies fulfilling their role as a trusted informed advisor, helping people improve without negative commercial impact?

Can inspectors spot bad management quickly – such as management around compliance - or problems due to insufficient budget?

Is it possible to avoid long term damage to the business after an accident which you did your best to avoid?

Are the efforts to remove overlapping standards working?

Should we have more online checking of documentation, rather than checks being made onboard ship, and who can this be managed?

Is it time to eliminate port state inspections – which would save a lot of time – and can port state control use better targeting mechanisms as USCG does?


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