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Maintaining operational resilience

9th Tanker Operator Hamburg forum - Tuesday Oct 4, 2022

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InterCity Hotel, Hamburg Dammtor- Messe 
St. Petersburger Str
Hamburg 20355

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM CEST
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Can operational resilience be better understood, maintained and developed?

Our 9th Tanker Operator Hamburg forum will discuss operational resilience in tanker operations. Resilience itself is invisible. But we can easily see what results in not having resilience, when accidents occur. Resilience is what enables us to achieve safe, low carbon, efficient tanker operations.

Current challenges on tanker shipping reduce our operational resilience - crew being required to operate new, complex equipment such as BWTS, scrubbers and automated propulsion control systems; shortages of seafarers meaning that we have less experienced crew onboard; growing regulatory demands; and the focus on optimisation over the past decade eliminating spare capacity in crew and equipment.

In this event we will discuss how we can better understand our resilience and what methods, and perhaps technologies, can help us to maintain and develop it.

This topic was also discussed in our Athens conference in May - you can read the report in pages 14-22 of our Sept-August issue here


  • Dimitris Lyras, director, Lyras Shipping
  • Martin Shaw, director, MOAMS Ltd
  • Phrixos Papachristidis, managing director and CEO, Hellespont
  • Matthias Imrecke, Imrecke Consulting
  • Ímer Faruk Bayar, technical director /  fleet captain, Harren Tanker Management 
  • Kevin Brunn, director EMEA, ShipIn Systems


9.15 Introduction from Dimitris Lyras, Lyras Shipping (chair)

Martin Shaw
9.30 Martin Shaw, director MOAMS Ltd
Are we ready for the challenges of the next 10 years?

Decades of ‘optimisation’ has meant that the shipping industry has lost much of its resilience, and we see fragility in global supply chains. How does the shipowner process this, keep their ships running with competent crews and plan for the future?



10.00 Matthias Imrecke, Imrecke Consulting
How to attract young people to the shipping industry
- Understanding and countering the trend to ensure safe management of tankers and to protect the environment
- Results of a study on the German maritime employment market how to attract young people to the industry, including as seafarers and apprentice shipbrokers


10.30 Can AI driven analysis of shipboard CCTV footage help solve challenges of tanker operations? 
Kevin Brunn, director EMEA, ShipIn Systems
(sponsor presentation)

10.40 BREAK

11.10 Ímer Faruk Bayar, technical director /  fleet captain, Harren Tanker Management
Fitting ballast water treatment systems on tankers

11.40 Phrixos Papachristidis, managing director and CEO, Hellespont Group
Hellespont manages a fleet of 4 LR1 tankers, 3 suezmaxes, 1 platform support vessel, 1 anchor handling tug and 2 crewboats

12.10 Panel discussion

1.00 Lunch and close

Sponsorship opportunities - if you would like to reach a senior audience of tanker technical and operations managers from Athens open to new ideas and opportunities, contact our sales manager David Jeffries on djeffries@onlymedia.co.uk

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    About our speakers

    Martin Shaw 

    Martin Shaw is the Managing Director of Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd. He has had 42 years of experience in the Shipping Industry, 23 of which were in management positions. His last role before setting up MOAMS was as Vice President Technology for an oil major shipping organisation, involving setting standards for fleet operations, provided marine support and standards for the entire group. He was awarded the UK Merchant Navy Medal for contribution to Maritime Safety in 2020

    Matthias Imrecke

    Imrecke Consulting GmbH was founded in 2016 by Captain Matthias Imrecke and is based in Ellerau, North of Hamburg. Captain Imrecke has 40 years of experience, both as a ship broker and as master mariner on tankers and container ships and in management positions in Germany and abroad, form the basis for the company's services.

    Captain Imrecke was recently elected to the board of Deutsche Nautischer Verein (DNV - Germany’s Nautical association) which is the head association for all 20 regional nautical associations along the German coast.