Monday, March 27, 2017 at 8:00 AM PDT
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 8:00 PM PDT

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Threshold Aviation Group 
8352 Kimball Avenue
Hangar 3
Chino, CA 91708

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General Aviation Industry Research Center, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

California Avia-Resource Service Corporation


Conference Keynote Sponsor - $10,000 – One available, Monday, March 27

This sponsorship provides lunch at the Embassy Suites for all the attendees at the conference. It also includes signage on every table and an opportunity for company representatives to introduce the keynote speaker.

Planes of Fame Dinner Sponsor - $10,000 – One available, Tuesday, March 28

This sponsorship provides dinner at the Planes of Fame Air Museum for the dignitaries. It also includes signage on every table plus an opportunity for company representatives to greet the attendees during the dinner.

Plan A:                       $125 attendee

Only for Conference Day, March 27th: Including tea breaks, luncheon and reception

Plan B:                       $99 Expo attendee

Only for Expo Day, March 28th. Planes of Fame Dinner NOT included.

Plan C:                       $99 Planes of Fame Dinner attendee

Only for dinner reception, March 28th.

Plan D:                       $699 exhibitor

Conference Day and Expo Day, March 27-28

Includes Plan A and one booth space on 28th, size: 10 x 10; two attendee badges

Museum evening reception

Company logo in promotional material: including website, catalog, signage and electronic mail 

Plan E:                       $750 exhibitor

Expo Day only, March 28th

Including one booth space, size: 10 x 10; two attendee badges

Museum evening reception

Company logo in promotional material: including website, catalog, signage and electronic mail 

*Each exhibitor booth includes: One 6-ft or 8-ft, two chairs and 2 badges


Static display exhibit space is also available. Please call (909) 680-4011 for more information.


Inaugural U.S. - China General Aviation Business Conference

March 25 - 31, 2017 

Threshold Aviation Group is proud to host this event that is intended to introduce US Aviation Companies to Chinese Government Officials, Businesses and Investors


China's continual relaxation of general aviation flying restrictions will have a beneficial effect on its entire population of 1.4 billion people one way or another. Thus the compelling need for Threshold's sponsored - Inaugural US - China General Aviation Business Conference. The conference will be advantageous for all attendees and exhibitors. US exhibitors of service and product providers, the very infrastructure and supply chain China needs, will be able to increase their sales as China moves away from its purely militaristic constraints and opens its airways for the increased financial benefit of the country's economic base. 

The Conference will include key aviation and governmental speakers from the United States and China. Consider the conference 'General Aviation Business 101' benefiting both countries as formidable and long-standing industry relationships are formed for the future. 

Chinese Government and Industry Attendees 

March 27 Program Agenda



Saturday, March 25th - Los Angeles County Airshow

Red, White, and - Boom! The 3rd Annual Los Angeles County Air Show will be eye opening experience for our 35+ Chinese guests as they will not only experience General Aviation first-hand, they will also be wooed by the military precision of the USAF's Thunderbirds Jet Demonstration Team as they celebrate the 70th anniversary of the sonic boom. This excursion will further enable our guests to promote general aviation collaborations with US counterparts and generate returns for their country's local economies.

Saturday, March 25th - Day at Rosamond SkyPark

Airpark development is one of the priorities in China, where in US, there are hundreds of airparks, or fly-in communities, of various types mainly developed organically through the years, China will start doing it through nationwide promotions and investment incentives program from scratch.

Monday, March 27th - Conference Day at Embassy Suites in Brea, CA

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Conference day is an important element of this event. The back to back, authoritative and informative agenda will be a positive sharing of decades of enriched experiences in US and the most up to date progress in China especially since in 2016, when the central government rolled out a series of positive signs of the low airspace opening to general aviation, as specific as the 200 kilometer radius, or 125 mile, flying experience zone.

In November 2016, the Chinese central government identified the 2020 working goal, including creation of 1,000 flight camps/clubs, 2,000 airfield/airparks, 20 million visitors/fans and $30 billion economic output.

Tuesday, March 28th - Aviation Expo Day at Threshold Aviation Group, Chino Airport

Threshold Aviation Group is hosting our Aviation Expo which will be conducted in one of their 45,000 square foot hangars and will enable the conference attendees to meet with aviation businesses and service providers.

The hangar will be configured to facilitate up to 40 booth spaces (standard show booth size: 10 x 10) and sections for additional display areas for aircraft and products as well as, one-on-one meeting areas, and food services.

Tuesday, March 28th - Networking and Reception Dinner, Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport