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Rod L. Meldrum 
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Friday March 30, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM MDT

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South Towne Expo Center Halls 300 A-C 
9575 S. State Street
Sandy City, UT 84070

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Rod L. Meldrum 
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Spring 2012 National Book of Mormon Evidence Conference 

Being Held in the South Towne Expo Center, Sandy City, UtahSouth Towne Expo Center

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FIRM Foundation president Rod L. Meldrum is excited to present this special conference to explore the latest research on evidences of the Book of Mormon in the Heartland of North America. 

1 Day - 5 Speakers - Dozens of Book of Mormon Validations!

The FIRM Foundation's 9th semi-annual national conference is going to be both remarkable and different. “Remarkable” because support for the Heartland theory continues to be increasingly powerful and the evidences even more convincing. “Different” because this conference has been condensed from our traditional two-day conference format into one jam-packed day delving deeper into the Book of Mormon evidences you want to know about most. The "Heartland Model"  Book of Mormon geography continues to gain momentum with new and broader research emerging from unexpected sectors of history and science.

You will come away from this conference far more energized about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, because of the overwhelming physical evidences you will discover, that you have most likely never seen before!  

Speakers and topics will Include:

Rod L. Meldrum - President, FIRM Foundation - Brother Meldrum will be presenting inspiring new evidence demonstrating the Hopewell Mound Builder civilizations Old World Hebrew influences and Hebrew symbology in the Newark Earthworks Complex of the Hopewell - Update on the progress of Heartland Book of Mormon Geography Model - Addressing the Critics: How the Heartland Model geography can and will provide the most robust defense ever for the Book of Mormon against its critics. 

Wayne N. May - Publisher, Ancient America Magazine - Brother May will be presenting fantastic new information from his extensive research.  His presentation, New Archaeological Research into Nephite/Hopewell Forts and Temples along with Jaredite cities found in America's Heartland, provide evidences that powerfully supports the Book of Mormon record. You don't want to miss these two lectures by the man who started it all over a decade ago! 

Steven Smoot - President of Family First Foundation & Film Producer of The Lost Civilizations of North America - After Fox News commentator Glenn Beck told nationwide audiences that he was "blown away" by the documentary film, The Lost Civilizations of North America, Steven Smoot, the films producer, has continued his research involving the social, political and scientific agenda's that tried to hide evidence of advanced civilizations in America's Heartland.  Brotehr Smoot will be giving his lecture, Update on Lost Civilizations and Further Research.  

Amberli Nelson - Ancient Sacred Jewish Symbology & Customs Researcher - Sister Nelson has, for the last decade, been researching Jewish religious customs and symbology.  She has found compelling new evidence that the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders may have been living the laws of Moses based on archaeological findings of the essential materials required for obedience to those laws.  Her incredibly powerful new presentation is titled - Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religious Practises and Those of  the Ancient Hopewell Civilization.  This mind-expanding presentation alone would easily justify the cost of admission to the conference! 

Timothy Ballard - CIA and Dept. of Homeland Security as an agent operative dismantling crime and human smuggling rings in Central America.  Author of The American Covenant with volume II recently released.  Brother Ballard is about to release a non-LDS version of his very successful two volume book set about the latter-day nation of America called The American Covenant.  This new edition, to be retitled simply, The Covenant: America's Sacred Connection to Ancient Israel, puts forth his ten years of research taken from biblical and historical sources that indicate that God's 4,000 year old covenant with Abraham reaches the zenith of its fulfillment in the divine establishment of the United States of America. 

Howard Carlos Smith - Author of Keeper of the Prophet's Sword.  Howard Carlos Smith learned of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Legion Lieutenant General’s sword through his Uncle Delbert Nobel, a direct descendant of Joseph Bates Noble who was a personal friend and bodyguard to the Prophet.  The sword was charged to his care while on their way to fateful Carthage. His trusted bodyguard honored the Prophets wishes and kept it carefully hidden away, being passed from generation to generation of the Noble family for 165 years. The story of the sword, along with the incredible experiences of those who have been charged with its care, have been preserved in Howard’s new book, Joseph Smith’s Sword: Miracles and Warnings.

Speaker Updates:  none at this time

Event Schedule: Schedule may change, be sure to check back before the conference. 

   Friday, March 30th, 2012

8:30AM Registration Opens

9:00am Welcome – Rod L. Meldrum

9:05 Steven Smoot – The Lost Civilizations of North America Update and New Research

10:05 Howard Carlos Smith - Joseph Smith's Sword; Miracles and Warnings

10:15 Break - Viewing of Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Legion Sword

10:30 Wayne N. May – Nephite/Hopewell Forts and Temples: A Closer Look

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch Break

1:30 Amberli Nelson – Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religios Practices and Those of the Ancient Hopewell Civilization

 3:00 Rod L. Meldrum & Amberli Nelson – Exploring the Sacred Sites of Hopewell Ceremonial Centers Through the Lens of Hebrew Symbology

 4:30 Timothy Ballard – The American Covenant, One Nation Under God

5:30 – 6:30 Dinner Break

6:30 Wayne N. May – Searching for the Jaredites in the Heartland

7:20 Break

7:30 - 8:30 Rod L. Meldrum – Progress of the Heartland Model Book of Mormon Geography, Addressing the Critics

9:00 Q&A & Close

National Conference Event Information:

When: Friday, March 30   -    9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Where:  South Towne Expo Center, Halls 300 A&B, 9575 S. State St. Sandy, UT 

Registration: You must pre-register for this event as the number of seats is limited to 200.  **NOTICE: Within 48 hours of the email announcement for this conference the full 200 registrations were filled.  We have made arrangements with the venue, Southe Town Expo Center, to open another larger space which will accomodate up to 350 attendee's.  As of Mar. 13 we have over 250 registrations and our advertising hasn't even begun in Mormon Times or on the radio.** As of Mar. 25 there are only 15 seats remaining. Update: Mar. 26, by making a few additional adjustments to the venue space we can accomodate 370 total attendee's and there are now only 18 of those seats left*   Once registrations reach the maximum number of attendees (350), registration will automatically close and no further registrations can be accepted. This event will fill up fast, so don't delay, register today! 

Registration: Only $20 per person for full event pass if pre-registered by March 29th by 5:00 pm.  $25 per person after 5pm and at the door the day of the event.  Many such events are more than $60 per person.  We are trying to keep costs as low as possible to make this information available to as many as possible. 

Meals  will not be provided but there are many eating establishments in the vicinity.  You may chose to bring your own food (which must be eaten off the premises according to venue regulations) or drive to one of the restaurants/fast food chains in the area.  

Parking: The South Towne Expo Center staff has informed us that parking should not be an issue as it was in Sept. during our Fall Conference.  Parking is free and open to the public.  

Dress: Nice Casual 

General Information: Many are becoming aware of the expanding body of evidence suggesting that the Book of Mormon may have occurred on the same sacred lands as Adamic history and Church history, in the “Heartland” of North America.  

Rod L. Meldrum has been conducting research and presenting his findings throughout the country.  Recently the University of Chicago’s Divinity School published in their journal, Sightings, that this new Book of Mormon geography model, deemed the “Heartland Model” has grown to become a “swelling movement within the Mormon Church.”  Join in this presentation and find out why! 

Interest in this research is gaining momentum with tens of thousands coming to visit both of our websites; and to learn more.  We encourage you to take a ‘video tour’ of this research by going to the FREE VIDEO  GALLERYwith over 80 video clips to help you learn more about why this exciting new information is quickly becoming the new paradigm among so many latter-day saints. 

Register now to experience the joy of learning about the amazing new evidences coming from non-Mormon sources in support of the claims of the Book of Mormon.  You will be happy you did!