Initiating Success through Self Awareness


Free Webinar Wednesday

October 20, 6pm-7pm

Objective: Unexplored blockage – the unawareness and how we can create roadblocks in starting our businesses
– Keys to prepare to deal with the challenge called entrepreneurship.

Main topics included… I like to interrupt thought patterns with humor, and help individuals identify the deficiency… I say to them… “I am sorry, I am really listening to you and “are you calling me a butt?” They of course start to backtrack, and I see they caught the awareness of the use of the word “but”. They are not aware I am counting the buts coming out of the mouth.

Self-awareness provides us with clarity and the science behind a business plan ignites a light committing one to building the business. It creates an awareness of instruction forcing you to think through and select the strategies that will propel your venture.





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