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 Gillian Lee Smith 
Gillian Lee Smith Art School  

Unearth Gather Create Self Study Ecourse

Have you ever thought  that you don't have any ideas to develop work from?

Do you find it difficult to know where or how to begin to find and develop your own style?

Do you want to expand your own personal language in mark making and expression?

Do you want to go beyond being inspired by other artists but think everything has been done before?

Do you want to develop your own unique style and create art that you are deeply connected with?

Do you have the skills to create art, but it no longer excites you?

Unearth Gather Create is for you!

It's about finding a story through your art. It's about digging deep and creating meaningful art. I don't want you to paint or draw like me - I want you to draw and paint like you!

"I have LOVED the class and will enjoy continuing my study as I slowly work my way through. You are not only a gifted artist, but a generous and kind person. I thank you for your giving spirit which shone through each and every video. I hope to someday take a class from you in person!"

Beth Cole