Special OFFER: Maryland students grades 5-12 that attend Title I schools can attend free. Check the list to see if you are a Title I student. If your school is on the list

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How the Game Go by EDAC and Black Paper
Get ready to put your retail business ideas to the test and grow your online business. As time progresses, we will continue to see consumers migrating towards purchasing online for the sake of convenience, price, and the ability to research products in real-time. Learn the basics of business planning and how to build your website so your customers can buy from you online.
Pitchin' by Black Speakers Network
The skills that were often seen as “soft” skills are now more vital than ever. One of the biggest barriers for students is getting in on this life lack of good communication skills. We need to elevate speaking to the same level as reading and writing. We will tackle what you should say to spark someone's interest in you, whether it be an investor or employer, to seal the deal. 
Richer by Cubicle Investing
As a nation, we love to consume things. Whether its clothes, video games, food, electronics, you name it, we need more of it. Journey with us as we go beyond the desire for instant gratification and accumulating things. Learn how to be smart with your money by investing in the stock market, a proven path to making your money work for you. You can begin by setting aside the few dollars you would normally spend on a chicken box or daily frapp and invest the amount you saved in stocks.
Wants and Needs by Watt Kids
You may not have a full-time job or a mortgage, but basic budgeting skills can help you plan your spending and be set up for long-term success handling money. Learning about money is an important part of every student's life. Creating a budget is critical to gaining financial insight and independence. You'll learn how to define your money sources and track expenses. Bonus: Learn how to write a check.



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Saturday, June 5, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Yvette Racks 
Entrepreneurial Development and Assistance Center (EDAC) 


Online-secure link will be emailed to attendees