Acupuncture Billing, Coding and Compliance

ONE FEE: Gives you Access to BOTH the Live and Recorded Webinar 


  • CPT codes 97810, 97811, 97813 & 97814
  • 15 minute increments vs the 8 minute rule
  • Greeting patients, needle selection & needle re-insertion
  • How to bill for office visits on same day as acupuncture
  • Unit billing for acupuncture, how to bill for exams/re-exams
  • Coding for 97140, G0283/97014 & 97026
  • Sample acupuncture SOAP notes provided
  • Pluse much more!

Date:  Thursday, June 21

Time:  1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET

The webinar is 90 min. followed by Q & A

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ONE FEE: Gives you Access to BOTH the Live and Recorded Webinar 

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