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What White People Can Do About Racism - Part 1

October 1, 8 & 15, 2020
(1 workshop spread over 3 sessions)

(7-9 Eastern, 6-8 Central, 5-7 Mountain, 4-6 Pacific)


Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT
Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 9:00 PM EDT

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This is an online event. 



Robin Alpern 
Director of Training
Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. 

A live, interactive online workshop that looks at how white people can work for racial justice by:

  • understanding racial structure
  • building connections and cross-racial alliances
  • finding direction to become an effective change agent
  • and building a personal support network.

This is an introductory workshop. If you are concerned about matters of race, racism and racial justice, but unsure about where to begin, this workshop is for you. If you are already doing something about racism, and you have friends who are asking you what they can do, refer them to this workshop.

The workshop is appropriate for white people who are open to learning what to do about racism. The workshop is also appropriate for people of color who want to support white people to take action against racism.


  •  the origin of white identity
  •  colorblindness
  •  cross-racial relationships
  •  white anti-racist history
  •  anti-racism and local change efforts
  •  how to be an ally (co-conspirator, accomplice, etc.)
  •  the impact of racism on white people
  •  how to develop a support network
  •  resources for further study and personal development



The workshop will take place during three Thursday meetings in October of 2020, for a total of 6 hours of information-packed content.

First Meeting -- Thursday, October 1st*

Second Meeting -- Thursday, October 8th*

Third Meeting -- Thursday, October 15th*

* All meetings take place at 7-9pm Eastern; 6-8pm Central; 5-7pm Mountain; 4-6pm Pacific

All meetings are recorded and the recording will be made available after each meeting for viewing by registered workshop participants only.

Registration fee: Standard rate $95.

This registration fee covers one registration only. To register groups or add colleagues, family members, etc. please contact the registrar at robin.alpern@gmail.com

A free Zoom tutorial will be offered 30 minutes before the first session.

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Meet the Trainers

Bonnie Berman Cushing

Bonnie Berman Cushing is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an anti-racist organizer and educator. She has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years as a family-systems therapist. She informs both her own — and others’ — clinical practice with an analysis of the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression. To this end, Bonnie has trained and/or supervised therapists and other human service practitioners throughout the tri-state area — including JBFCS, JCCA, the Ackerman Institute, the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships and NYU, Fordham, Columbia, Hunter and Rutgers Schools of Social Work.

In 2004, Bonnie co-authored a chapter with Monica McGoldrick for the book Human Development and Faith by Chalice Press. In 2010, she was the Lead Editor of the multi-authored book Accountability and White Antiracist Organizing: Stories From Our Work, published by CDD Books and served as editor for Living in the Tension: the Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice, by Shelly Tochluk, published by CDD Books in 2016.

Bonnie is a Core Trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and a facilitator with Border Crossers, an organization that trains educators on how to work with issues of race and racism in the classroom. She is a member of both the People’s Institute Northeast Leadership Collective and European Dissent NJ, and co-founder of the North Jersey Chapter of the AntiRacist Alliance. In addition to her services as a board member, Bonnie also develops curriculum and co-facilitates workshops for CSWAC


Liza Minno Bloom

Liza Minno Bloom is an organizer and educator of Slovak and Anglo descent. She is engaged in various racial justice and popular education efforts in her home of Asbury Park, NJ (occupied Lenni Lenape land), with the Racial Justice Project and the Asbury Park Education Justice Collective.

Before moving to NJ, Liza lived in the Southwest doing anti-colonial solidarity work with the Black Mesa Indigenous collective, which organizes with the Dineh communities of Black Mesa/Big Mountain. The Dineh are resisting a forced relocation from coal mining on their ancestral homelands. She has been a member of BMIS since 2008.

Liza is currently leading a team to develop a racial justice training curriculum for the Episcopal Diocese of NJ and she works as a chapter coach for Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). She teaches in the Sociology Departments at Monmouth University and Georgian Court University and is a parent to a grumpy but lovely cattle dog and a small, magical, revolutionary human.

What People Are Saying

You took my vague feelings about antiracism and showed me how I can turn those into activism. Betsy Tomic

A great six hours. You should allow yourselves to feel respected for pushing the white envelope. Jim Edler

Thanks for keeping things moving along…excellent content and process, right amount of info for the time. Judy Hinds

Lots of variety. It went very fast. Openness, discusions were great. Mary Farley

This was an excellent workshop. Time very well spent. Very well prepared and thought out to keep participants involved and active through interactive dialogue…excellent handouts…lots of new data…great guidelines on how to move forward. Peter Callaway

Felt connected with trainers and participants. Wayne Henderson

Program was great, perfect AntiRacism 101 for those who are ready to learn. It was so good to be in the company of people who understand that we need to overcome our culture and make changes to our institutions and organizations. Eddie Fried

The workshop was very interactive, lots of activlty and discussion which helped to keep it very interesting. Christina Williams