Whiteness Doesn’t Love You: Transforming the Habits of Fear and Control that Undermine Liberation for All

Monday, March 25, 2024

7-8:30pm Eastern, 6-7:30 Central, 5-6:30 Mountain, 4-5:30 Pacific


Monday, March 25, 2024 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
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Robin Alpern 
Director of Training
Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. 

Since the 2014 publication of Waking Up White, Debby Irving has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals grappling with the ways in which white cultural norms pervade thoughts, behaviors, bodies, spaces, policies, practices, and even visions for a more just future. So ingrained in both individuals and collectives, whiteness-rooted habits can hold us in their grip, undermining our attempts to connect more deeply to ourselves and one another in our social justice efforts. Join us as Debby shares the strategies she’s developing to make whiteness’s fear-based patterns conscious and transform them into habits rooted in connection, care, and liberation for all.

Presentation followed by Q&A.

This live event will be recorded and archived for review by members of the Anti-Racist Community Network (ARCN).

Debby Irving brings to racial justice the perspective of working as a community organizer and classroom teacher for 25 years without understanding her own whiteness and how it undermined her efforts to create connection across differences. Her New York Times bestseller, Waking Up White, tells the story of her cringeworthy journey to recognize and outgrow internalized white supremacist attitudes and behaviors. Debby devotes herself to working with people also grappling with the impact of whiteness ideology, systems, structures, and culture on perception, problem solving, relationship building, and liberation work. Most importantly, Debby is on a continual quest to develop concrete strategies that support individuals and organizations wanting to transform the norms of whiteness into norms of mutual care, connection, collaboration, and action. A graduate of the Winsor School in Boston, she holds a BA from Kenyon College and an MBA from Simmons College.


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