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Financial Webinar for Small Business Launch & Growth
Great Overview and Pathway to Seed Money

This virtual webinar is a prerequisite for the team lead of all teams applying for the 2021 HCC Business Plan Competition. Other entrepreneurs are also welcome! 

For all startup and existing business owners. Plan now to understand the numbers that promote your business success. The webinar prepares you for the “what, how and why” when it comes to understanding the financial needs for your business venture.

Know where you stand now and what you need to estimate and analyze the numbers you need, to propel you to sustainable success. Use this day to change your future!


  • Understanding the Primary Purpose of your Business
  • How to Generate Revenue from your Business Idea
  • Understanding concepts such as Burn-rate, Breakeven, and Cash-Flow
  • Determining Cash Needs of Business
  • Financing Cash Needs
  • Financial Record Keeping

Funding Panel: Hear from, and ask questions of a panel of our financial resource partners from Houston’s entrepreneurial eco-system.
Financial Panel Moderator:  David Regenbaum 

  • Wallis Bank – Aziz Rahim 
  • LiftFund – Francisco Gonzalez 
  • Synerlock – Rebecca Schultz 
  • Tehrani & Associates, LLC Certified Public Accountants – Dr. Mohammad Tehrani 
  • Nanette Ray, TNR Accounting & Management Consulting, LLC, Nanette Ray  


Saturday, January 30, 2021
From 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM CST

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Jim O'Sullivan, VP Education

About Us:
SCORE is an all-volunteer group with real-world business experience, dedicated to your success.

Our Mission: Help small Businesses succeed. 

Our Mantra: We educate, counsel, mentor.

Founded in 1964, SCORE is a non-profit association and a Resource Partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.
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This webinar is stand-alone awesome! There is also another benefit.  
Attending this webinar is a prerequisite for those applying for the  
2021 HCC Business Plan Competition.  

Are you interested in learning more about applying for the  
free training and advising and chance to win seed money  
offered this Spring in the 2021 HCC Business Plan Competition?  


  Presenter: Dr. Mohammad Tehrani
  Dr. Tehrani holds advanced degrees, in the medical field and in    business.  "Mo" is also a CPA and has started, bought, owned
  and sold multiple businesses in security services, real estate
  and a pharmacy.  He currently runs his own CPA firm and he is
  a full-time accounting instructor at HCC.  Mo's career has been
  focused on entrepreneurship and giving back through teaching, mentoring and training in the UK and in Houston.  He has volunteered by serving on the BCM Credit Union's Board of Directors, through our HCC Center for Entrepreneurship and through SCORE where he served as its President.  He has also been a recurring sponsor for the HCC Business Plan Competition. 
Mo talks about the numbers, not just as a CPA, but as an experienced multi-faceted entrepreneur! 

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