2022 Membership - Sponsorship Drive

Sponsorship Program Details for 2022

Individual Members:  Producers or other individuals who join at the fee of $175.00 per year receive full voting rights, updates, discounted registration rates (one delegate) at all PIC events and education seminars, the annual report and other communications from PIC.

Corporate Members: Industry suppliers, processors and other organizations in the industry who join for $475.00 per year enjoy the same benefits as above with registration discount applied to all company employees.  Also includes a link to your corporate website on PIC’s member’s webpage and corporate recognition in member listings.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Pick and choose what extension, education and events you wish to sponsor and the level of sponsorship for each. Every sponsor is eligible to provide/create an activation point for the event they sponsored. This could be for an in-person event, a pop-up table, a door prize, a swag item for each attendee to list just a few ideas. For our online events, this could be contributing to a contest give away or maybe awarding a game-winner. Talk to PIC staff and create something unique that fits your corporate vision.  Below is a brief outline of the breakdown per event of the marketing opportunities you will receive.

Sponsorship Program Details for 2022

$500 General Level Sponsor – Day-Of Recognition Only.  Receive recognition at the event; advertising Corporate name/logo on looped slide deck/video and on printed materials if applicable. Corporate logo on signage if applicable, along with verbal acknowledgment at the specific event. An activation point can be included for webinars and in-person events.

$1,000 Event Level Sponsor - Pre-Event and Day of Recognition.  Package includes previous level marketing value. Pre-event Corporate logo on PIC's event-specific webpage, and on the landing page of our registration portal.  As well as a 1/4 advertisement space in PIC's print materials if applicable for the event, Advertisement also included in opener and closer slide deck/video for virtual and in-person events. 

$2,500 Executive Event Supporter - Pre-Event, Day of and Post Recognition. Package includes previous levels of marketing. Pre-event: Creating communications materials that include your corporate branding. This includes logo (thumbnail, crowdsource style) on PIC’s webpage for the session, latest news post on PIC’s website, registration page, event calendar, e-invites and monthly newsletters to PIC’s distribution list advertising the session. Sponsorship mention on social media, Twitter and Facebook. During the event: For webinars: Branding opener and break videos with an advertisement. The option of the creation of a branded break room.  In-Person: Branding of opener and break slides.  Branding and full-page advertisement on print materials if applicable.  Pop up banner beside presentation stage. Post-event: Branded recording made available to attendees. Supplemental materials (handouts etc.) hosted for future participant use. Possibility of presentations conversion to a podcast, which would include branding. Thank you on PIC’s website and social media.

Overall annual combined sponsorship above $4,000 ~ Corporate logo listed on PIC's website as a Corporate Premium Sponsor, with a special listing in Feather Forum printed publication at the National Poultry Show.

Support through Giving

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) is a registered charity that delivers poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management while supporting research capacity for the betterment of the Ontario industry.

Your gift to the Poultry Industry Council will help to advance the education and extension activities that bring innovative discoveries, improve animal welfare, increase bio-security awareness and much more to poultry producers and the industry at large. Your support strengthens the poultry industry, together we can build a resilient, high-quality, safe food source for our consumers.  Contact PIC for details.

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