ORSC Fundamentals Workshop - Break-through Models, Tools and Resources for Working with Teams 


Igshaan Soules 
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April 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM 
April 17, 2010 at 05:00 PM 

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Illovo, Sandton Johannesburg 
21 North Road
South Africa

Earn 12 Continuing Education Units for this course
ICF Core Competencies
 11 hours
 Personal Development of the Coach
1 hour
 Total 12 hours
Napoleon Hill once said, "No two minds come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind."

There is no question that when two or more people come together, something else shows up. Here at Acclaim Human Capital and the Center for Right Relationship we call it the relationship system, not just the relationship. The reason we call it that is because there is more than just a link between different individuals - much more.  A relationship system is the series of experiences, events and behaviors that happen when 2 or more people come together around a common purpose. Those experiences, events and behaviors are inextricably linked to one another and are affected by everyone involved.

Now, this is not necessarily new. What is new, is having a way to actually work with that "third, invisible, intangible force" we call a relationship system. For the first time in South Africa, Coaches, therapists, OD consultants, mediators, facilitators and other allied professionals have access to new breakthrough methods, models and tools for working with groups. And, you can learn this break-through model, tools and resources by registering for the ground-breaking International Coach Federation accredited Organisation and Relationship System Coaching ("ORSC") Program.

The ORSC Program is one of the most advanced coach training programs available. There are five unique courses that make up this coach training series and each are designed to build on the prior course. The courses are all accredited by the International Coach Federation for 84 Continuing Coach Education Units which reflects the rigorous standards of excellence and the strong ethical base from which we work.

What is unique about this program is that Its shifts the focus from working with individuals to working with the relationship system - what we call the Third Entity™. The program provides practitioners working with relationship systems (e.g. teams, business partnerships, couples, etc.) an approach to work directly with the relationship system rather than doing traditionally individual work, with the group. The entire program is geared to providing the theory, model, tools, skills and competency to successfully work with these relationship systems in an entirely new way for entirely new results.

Let me tell you about the first course in the ground breaking ORSC program, the ORSC Fundamentals Course.

The ORSC Fundamentals course is indeed the starting place for building an understanding of the basic theory and skills for coaching relationship systems. In this 2-day program, you will be equipped with new concepts and new tools that you can apply immediately.

In addition to reviewing the model for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, we'll also explore the differences between coaching individuals and coaching relationships. And most importantly you will learn how to coach The Third Entity™ (the relationship itself).

You will have extensive opportunities to practice coaching relationship systems from a variety of settings, including organizations, business partnerships, couples and families. By the end of the course you will have learned:
  1. The three dimensions of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, expressed metaphorically as Relationship Intelligence: Process and Flow, System Geography: Roles and Structures, and Relationship Path: Vision and Potentiality.
  2. How to get a team "snapshot" and then coach it, through constellations work.
  3. Alignment skills, how to defuse a conflict.
  4. How to avoid the toxic communication styles.
  5. About cross referral partnerships.
  6. The ethical considerations of relationship systems coaching.
As a result of taking this course you will:

  • Have the basic skills to branch out into the marketable niche of coaching relationship systems.
  • Have a new skill base from which to coach your individual clients regarding their relationships.
  • Know the differences and similarities between individual and relationship systems coaching.
  • Leverage your existing skills more effectively with a new coaching skill set that holds relationship central in your focus.
  • Know how to recognize and coach "nested systems" within an organization.
  • Create added value in utilizing systems theory skills in your coaching.
  • Have some skills for coaching teams.
  • Experience the paradigm shift of coaching "The Third Entity™" (the relationship itself).
  • Have basic skills for constellating a relationship system.
  • Have intake material specific to Relationship Systems Coaching.
  • Discover the power of alignment coaching skills.
  • Have a working knowledge of the four cornerstones and three dimensions of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.
Learn More ...

A free information call is scheduled for 10th November 2009 at 8PM. Should you wish to register for this information call simply let us know and we will forward you details of the call - please note you will join participants from other countries on this conference call. Alternatively, visit the Center for Right Relationship global website to learn more about this program or to sign up for this call.


This is an advanced course for professionals in the following fields;
  • Allied Professions - Mental Health Professionals; Organization Development specialists/Consultants; Mediators
  • Coaches - Completed 82 hours of coach training through an ICF-accredited coach training program, or be a PCC or MCC (Coaches, talk to us - please let this not be a barrier.)
  • Consultants experienced in addressing the relationship dynamics of groups/families/teams
Investment Details

Course Investment:
By investing in this course you will receive the following;
  1. 2 days of breakthrough training, co-facilitated by two industry experts;
  2. Quality course notes bound in an attractive sturdy binder;
  3. Refreshments and Lunch;
  4. In-class support by an additional two professional coaches acting as learning and development assistants;
  5. In-class experiential exercises to practice your newly learned skills;
  6. Course participant rosters with contact details of all participants for networking purposes;
  7. Participation in a global social network of trained coaching professionals to support continued conversation and learning around organisation and relationship coaching;
  8. A quality certificate signed by Center for Right Relationship co-founder, Marita Fridjhon.
  9. Optional participation in a Community Salon over lunch - an informal Q&A session;

Investment: R6,500 (all inclusive) for upfront payment / R7,000 for credit card and payment plan request.

Payment Options
A refundable registration fee of R2,500 will secure your place. The remainder can be paid using a credit card or a direct electronic funds transfer into our account. You may choose to do part payment now, another in March. Either way, the choice is yours. Please note that if you pay by credit card the full amount will be debited upon registration. We offer straight or budget options. Where a refund is requested this will be done through the original method of payment.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
We are so confident this course will enhance your ability to work with teams and personal relationships that we will offer you an unconditional money back guarantee. If after two days of training participation you believe the course offered no value, we will unconditionally return 100% of your fees within 7 days. Simply drop us a note within seven (7) days following completion of the event and we will refund 100% of you registration fees.

In addition to this, you get to keep all courses notes.

Course Logistics

Course Date Options
16-17 April 2010 - Johannesburg

Day 1 starts at 10AM and ends at 6PM. Day 2 starts at 9AM and ends at 5PM.

Course Venues
All Johannesburg courses will be held at the conference center of the Wanderers Club in Illovo. All Cape Town courses will be held at the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction. 

Your Course Leaders
These courses will be led by the founders of the Center for Right Relationship and creators of the program, Marita Fridjhon. To learn more about them please click HERE.

Advanced Series

This course is the foundation course to the advanced coaching training series.

For detailed course descriptions of the advance series please go to the Center for Right Relationship website here.

The above course was designed, developed and an original product of the Center for Right Relationship. Acclaim Human Capital and Acclaim Coaching and Training offers the course under a license agreement. All students completing the course will receive certificates bearing the Center for Right Relationship and / or Acclaim Human Capital or Acclaim Coaching and Training name and credentials.