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The Master Within Centre 
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Reiki I&II Intensive Certification Training 

Reiki Healing Hands with Blue Light

Welcome to the Reiki I&II Intensive Certification Training for for spiritual growth and integral living!

Purpose: This class is designed to expand your view of the world and your place in it, catalysing immediate powerful and lasting positive transformation.

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.

Why thousands of people all over the world choose to learn Reiki: Thinking man

  • It offers a wellness alternative to drugs and surgery for a variety of conditions which include headaches, pain from injuries, stress-related disorders, insomnia, anxiety and more
  • It requires no other tools and props but your own hands
  • Once initiated into Reiki, you can apply this healing energy to yourself and others, to animals, plants, food, spaces (e.g.your home and office), to your relationships and to future and past events
  • It is easily learned by people without any prerequisite other than a curious mind and the desire to grow!

People who attend the Reiki classes are:

  • Actively engaged in a personal and spiritual growth lifestyle
  • Thinkers who have deep questions about spirit, mind and the body
  • Compassionate people who want to acquire a means to help others, including volunteering with people in need
  • People who face physical and emotional challenges and look for natural ways to address those

How are Tana's classes different?

 -          Liberating. Tana's framework for her life and classes is the Integral Model. This means that you will not be fed a pre-digested belief system, but you will be encouraged to discover truth your own way

-          Fun, informal and interesting. You’ll want more. You’ll laugh a lot. You’ll love it.

-          Putting you at ease. Your learning space and your teacher’s approach makes you feel comfortable and relaxed; it makes it easy for you to express yourself.

-          Unparallel information. In this class, you’ll find many of your questions answered. Everything fits into place. Everything makes sense.

"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind" - Albert Einstein

  In the curriculum:Streaming chakra man

 Reiki I

You receive:

  • Classroom knowledge on energy and the healing arts
  • The history of Reiki
  • Energetic anatomy,
  • An integral spirit-mind-body view on illness and crisis.
  • Hands-on practice for treatments of others and self
  • Energy exercises for grounding
  • Energy hygiene
  • Reading / feeling energy and techniques for awakening intuition
  • Guided meditations
  •  Initiation Ceremony: Opening chakras, Hand Chakra activation, attunement to the Reiki frequencies
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Reiki shares
  • Ethics
  • Vegetarian Potluck Lunch
  • Ongoing support

Reiki II:

You receive:

  • Three symbols to work with, acting directly on your subconscious
  • The ability to send distant treatments
  • Attunement and techniques focusing on emotional and mental healing
  • Karmic healing
  • Strenghtening your connection with the higher levels of consciousness
  • Chakra opening technique using a pendulum and symbols
  • Reiki wishes
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

 Where: Ottawa, Elmvale – St.Laurent area. Location and directions received upon registration. 

 To prepare: Wear comfortable, natural clothing (cotton, linen, hemp, wool). If possible, for 24 hours prior to the workshop, refrain from ingesting alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, red meat, and refined sugars. Bring a healthy dish to share for our potluck lunch and check with me a couple of days prior to the class on the number of participants to size your dish.

Fees: $ 350.- for both levels, payable by credit card through Paypal or by checque.

Regular fees: Reiki I $ 210.-    Reiki II $ 310.-  Reiki I&II $ 520.- Your savings: $ 170.-


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