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Proven Planning Techniques That Will Transform Your Business 


“I’m writ­ing to you because I want you to…” Stop right now and register for this upcoming Proven Business and Marketing Planning Process”

I am certain if you ask yourself these questions...

If you looked at your 2009 business plan would you be proud of your accomplishments thus far? 

If you are not going to hit your goals can you pin point what didn’t work?

Was your marketing plan married to your business plan?

You would say I wanted to do more and be further along in my business.

“The rea­son I’m writ­ing to you specif­i­cally is because I think you want ...

To create bigger RESULTS and more profits in 2010

Think Big, Act Big and Be Bigger in 2010

To stop playing it safe and you are ready to get out of your comfort zone

To move beyond mediocre and into incredible RESULTS!

 Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. ~ Peter Drucker

 “Here is a list of what you get when you join me for this wonderful program...

  • The best part of the process is the relationships you will develop with others on the call.  Taking this journey together creates a support system that wants you to succeed.
  • Know your numbers – learn how to track your success – and how to make changes.
  • Develop marketing strategies that will draw your ideal clients to you.
  • Plan how to create a more powerful brand.
  • Don’t just begin but finish the planning process—no excuses.
  • Be a guest on Solo Talk a Blog Talk Radio Program that has a broad listening base.

 You may be saying so, what does that do for me?

  •  You will enter 2010 more confident, with a clear roadmap to success for your business.
  • You will have a group of supportive business owners eager to see you succeed.

 “If I were to guess the top 10 ques­tions or objec­tions you will have about buy­ing my program today, they would be these…”

  • I know what to do I just have to do it this year.
  • I don’t need a business plan I am only a business of one.
  • I know how to market myself
  • I can’t afford to pay you $39.00 to improve my business.
  • It’s not going to make a difference if I create a plan.
  • Why would I need someone else to motivate me?
  • I don’t have the time to do what you are asking.
  • What could I possibly learn from a business coach?
  • How can I tell my partner I need to spend just a little more money?
  • There are too many people out there trying to get my money.

 So here’s how I would clear those up for you...

  • What exactly will be different for you this coming year if you continue on the same path?
  • One of the reasons many small business fail is lack of planning.  I believe if you learn solid fundamental business and marketing principles and put them into practice you can not fail.
  • There is a difference between knowing many marketing strategies and knowing how to marry those strategies with their business plan.
  • The results you achieve in 2010 will be no different from your current results if you do not do things differently.
  • You must make time to do the necessary planning if you are committed to creating something different in 2010.
  • It is difficult to know where you should invest your hard earned income.  The key is to be certain you will receive the support and knowledge you need to make profitable changes. Please read the testimonials below for confirmation.
  • You should be inspired to take action every day.  If you continue to spend your time with business owners that are in the same place you are you WILL NOT grow to the place you are searching for in your business.
  • Playing a bigger game attracts bigger opportunities.

 “I want you to be com­pletely with­out risk, so here’s my guar­an­tee…”

Spend the first two days planning with me and if you are not certain you have received valuable information that will allow you to grow your business I will refund your money.

Take action now.  Studies indicate that if you do not act on an idea within 72 hours you will not do so.

Click the link below and sign up now before the program is full.  You will not be sorry.

What’s next?

December 2nd at 7 pm est you will receive a comprehensive model to follow as you build your roadmap for 2010. At 8 pm est we will meet on a conference line to kick start your planning.  This call will be about getting outside your comfort zone, begin thinking bigger and creating a vision for 2010. 

On December 3rd at 12 N est we will meet on a conference line to continue this journey. 

At the top of each hour we will come back together on the conference line for the next step of the planning process until 6 pm est. 

December 4th at 12 N est I would invite those that are interested to be a guest on Solo Talk on Blog Talk Radio to talk about the process you are experiencing.  This will allow others to learn from you and an opportunity to promote your business.

On December 4th at 1 pm est we will come back together and I will be available on the conference line at the top of each hour until 6 pm est to assist in your planning, answer questions, brainstorm, provide resources.

What are you waiting for?

Spots will fill up quickly.  Don’t wait to think about it, REGISTER TODAY.

What will the con­se­quences be if you don’t take action? Maybe nothing at all.  You will continue with your business the way you always have.  But if you are ready to step it up and Think Bigger about your business then you will want to be a part of this Proven planning process.

 “Here’s just a few peo­ple who have worked with me for their business and marketing planning...

Donna taught practical and timely marketing strategies that have helped me to transform my business and gain new clients with ease. These strategies will boost your confidence, change the way you sell and take your business to the next level!  Talayah Stoval


I feel truly blessed to have discovered you, Donna! You are such a gift. Your friendly and caring personal attention combined with organized, clear and focused strategies and support materials have made a huge impact in my business already ... and we're not even at the half-way mark yet! I always knew how to be a great graphic designer but had never fully learned how to be a business person. I had gathered scattered bits and pieces picked up over the 20 years I was in business but hadn't *quite* managed to merge into something focused and streamlined. I don't need to reinvent the wheel or to feel repelled by the nuts and bolts of running a business. Your step-by-step process is exactly what I had been searching for to bring it all together and fill in the gaps ... and more importantly, to provide CLARITY and a sense of EASE. Each time I hang up from our calls I feel like I'm glowing with enthusiasm and positive expectancy ... the kind that's so valuable in moving forwards and creating positive change. And the bottom line is ... I *see* it in my business. I'm clear and I know exactly what to do. My clients tell me they notice it and that it gives *them* a sense of ease! You have provided me with a system which allows me to relax and do what I do best, to create beautiful, soulful visuals for people. There are a million words I could throw out there to describe you ... savvy, supportive, nurturing, insightful, encouraging, fun, kind, knowledgeable ... but suffice it to say, "THANK YOU!"

Warmly, Col



Working with Donna has allowed me to find clarity as to the next logical step for me and my business.  She helped me identify what areas I need to improve, correct and tweak as to the systems with my sales and marketing processes.  I had these down in my previous business, what I uncovered now is that what I needed this time was outside my current scope of expertise.  I have been able to tweak and make corrections in my style to accommodate my new focus that have gotten me a very good close ratio.  I increased my closes to 10% to 75%, which for some seems unimaginable, and l am loving it.  I would recommend Donna Amos with every fiber of my being if you want to learn how to build effective results oriented sales & marketing for your business.

Thank you, you are the greatest and I love your support, it feels so good to have that in times when I am doubting myself   Michele Price