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January 14, 2010 at 07:30 PM 
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Teleworkshop -- From The Comfort Of Your Home



  • Are you a Christian woman who has a hunger and deep desire for a closer walk with God?  
  • Do you continuously fail in your attempts to be consistent in your quality time with the Lord?  
  • Do you sometimes feel burdened, anxious, depressed, and alone?  
  • Do you want to experience the joy of Christian living?

 You are not alone.  I know what you are going through. I know your pain.  I have been right where you are now. I WANT TO HELP YOU BREAK OUT OF THAT CYCLE AND BE SET FREE!

WOMAN OF DISTINCTION is committed to helping Christian women live fulfilled, contented, and purposeful lives through Jesus Christ. To help you know God intimately, live in obedience, and experience Him powerfully daily. Our Teleworkshop is designed to help you accomplish that.


"Noreen is anointed to teach and lead others to God through His Word, prayer and conversations. She is anointed in using her life experiences to assist those struggling by demonstrating God’s presence in each circumstance. God used Noreen at a pivotal point in my life to teach me to seek him for everything and in every situation. Her complete obedience to God has richly blessed me and I was blessed to have her guide me through this and other situations."

Karen Granville, Brooklyn, NY

The workshop - 7 Steps To A Victorious Life In Christ is guaranteed to take you from "stuck" to victory in your spiritual walk or we will refund you money.

You will not just participate in A WORKSHOP; you will have the support of other sisters who are working towards the same goal as you -- an obedient, free, abundant, and victorious life in Christ.

To live victoriously in Christ begins with establishing a solid foundation in Him. It's about finding your identity in Him and being resolved about who you are in Him. 



Step1: Realizing True Life Comes From God

You will gain clear understanding of God’s original plan for your life.  You will reconcile to the fact that life comes from God; therefore true living is only attained through your dependence on Him.

 Step 2:  Choosing to Live in Obedience To God 

God created you with moral awareness and gave you freedom to exercise choice.  In choosing independence from Him you lose fellowship and intimacy with Him and with each other. The result of this choice is a life of bondage- as a Christian choosing to live in disobedience also keeps you in bondage.     

 Step 3:  Allowing God to Break and Heal You

You will learn that brokenness (a vivid, sobering image of who you are and who God is) and repentance are necessary for true healing in Christ and for a relationship with Him.  Brokenness is a continual process. It develops in you an urgency to repent. If you are truly open. I expect God will break you at this point and move you to the next level in him

 Step 4:  Deciding to Return to God Through Reconciliation

In reconciliation you are reunited with Christ. This is the place where change occurs. You’ve retreated from independence and your desire to live for self.  This is the stage where you finally return to the one who makes your life work. In redemption you return to God as the source of your life; you become a new creation through your unity with Him.  This is where you will experiences for the first time TRUE FREEDOM IN CHRIST.

 Step 5:  Surrendering to God as LORD OF Your Life          

The first step in restoration is to surrender to God as Lord.  Surrender is the result of a conscious decision to obey and depend on God.  Dependency bring freedom in God and restores you to God original plan for your life –fellowship with Him and others.      

 Step 6: Submitting Yourself to the Control of the Holy Spirit

The Christian live is a supernatural life.  The only human being able to live it successfully is our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  It is impossible for you and me to live it on our own. Hence, the need for the Holy Spirit – the abiding Christ within you enables you to live the Christian life dependent on Him.  You will learn to consciously and intentionally depend on the Holy Spirit to LIVE.  

Step 7: Becoming intentional in Your Quest to Mature in Christ

Understanding the dynamics of spiritual growth makes you more aware and appreciative of the ways in which God uses specific circumstances in your life to draw you closer to Himself.  You will know and understand how you grow and mature spiritually. You will identify where you are in the process and you will learn specific ways to become intentional about growing and maturing in Christ. 

Trusting God 1


 You've identified yourself as a Christian woman. 

What does that mean to you?  What does that mean to God?  Better yet, does being a "Christian" woman mean the same to you as it does to God? 

 It is my belief that it does not matter what we believe about who we are in Christ.  Everything rides on who Christ knows us to be.  In Matthew 7:21 " not everyone who calls me "Lord" will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but only those who do what my Father in Heaven wants them to do. When the Judgment Day comes, many will say to me, Lord, Lord!  In your name we drove out many demons and performed many miracles! Then I will say to them, I never knew you.  Get away from me, you wicked people!"

The scripture is speaking to us -- Christians.  Those people to whom Jesus was referring appeared to be expecting to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  They worked hard.  It seemed doing what appeared to be kingdom work that would ensure their entrance... so they thought. They "drove out many demons and performed many miracles!" 

But Jesus did not recognize nor receive their works.  I am sure the people who saw their ministries -- what they did -- thought for sure they would make it in. They must have thought their ministries were blessed.  But Jesus did not recognize their work. What could have been the problem?

The scripture before this passage Matthew 7:15 - GNT says “Be on your guard against false prophets; they come to you looking like sheep on the outside; but, on the inside they are really like wild wolves." Ah ha! There's the problem “on the inside".  Jesus is more concern about what goes on, on the inside than what we do “on the outside."  Our motive, what motivates us to do what we do is what moves Him and that is what will determine if we make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what will determine if He recognizes us?

Question: Would Jesus recognize you?  If not, are you ready to do or become what it takes to ensure He does recognize you? Remember He does not recognize work, but heart.

You see if he does not recognize you, scripture says He would say to you "Get away from me you wicked."

" Imagine Jesus saying those words to you after you've tried so hard to be "a good Christian."  It's been a difficult walk, but you hung in there. You did not quite get to experience the abundant life Jesus promised while he was her on earth, but you hung on believing that you will receive your reward in eternity. Only to hear those heart wrenching words “I never knew you.  Get away from me, you wicked people!"

To be recognized by Jesus your motives and intensions must be right.  It must always be about walking in obedience, seeking Him with all your heart, putting Him first to become intimate with Him.  Only then will you experience Him powerfully in your daily life here and now.  Only then will you be able to abide in Him.  Only then will He live the Christian life through you.  Only then will you hear, "welcome good and faithful servant."

Our teleworkshop - 7 STEPS TO A VICTORIOUS LIFE IN CHRIST is geared towards getting you to first base - A Perfect Beginning. You will identify and eradicate all that hinders you from being the woman God purposed you to be.  

Many of us have skipped a step or two in our walk. Jesus put it this way, nor do you pour new wine into old wine skin, because the new wine will burst the skin, the wine will pour out, and the skins will be ruined. Instead, new wine must be pour into fresh wineskin. (Luke 5:37-38).  In your excitement to receive a new life in Christ you did not stop to evaluate and have the old self clean out.  You went right into trying to make space for Jesus among all the gunk and everything else that's been there for all those years.  You had to make space for Him -- the space had to be new.  New wine needed new wine skin to accommodate it. 

Because you did not make space for Jesus, your experience as a Christian has been much less than joyful.  It’s been a struggle to say the least.  You were unable to take Jesus up on His promise to release you of your burden by taking His yoke; a yoke He promised was light.  Instead, because you tried to put Jesus on among everything else there is conflict between the old self and its evil desires and the Holy Spirit.  So in short, you have taken up much more than you bargained for -- you have brought on to yourself more of a burden. 

So, you drag yourselves to church and participate in some events.  You join some organization as a matter of course and duty -- it's no fun. You are not experiencing freedom in Christ. You feel obligated.  A matter of fact, It seems whenever you take two steps forward you take one back, if not two.  YOU WANT TO CHANGE.  You have a deep desire to change.  But you have no idea what to do nor do you know how or where to start -- you feel lost.

You have no one to talk to.  You keep on your church mask as much as possible.  You think I cannot speak to anyone about this; they would judge me.  I will lose face.  They will talk about me.  You've decided I could only pray about it.  As a matter of fact God is the only one I really need to talk to about these things -- you tell yourself.  But, you've prayed and you've prayed -- yet you've experience no permanent change or relief, and so the cycle continues.  You've been in that state for years.  You feel burdened, anxious, depressed, and alone.  You are tired.  YOU WANT TO BE FREE! YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE JOY IN CHRIST.


7 STEPS TO A VICTORIOUS LIFE IN CHRISTIt is the perfect beginning to a fulfilling life in Christ.  

This workshop is for the woman who is tired of living a mediocre life.  If you believe God is serious about His promise of giving you an abundant life in Him. If you believe true living and true freedom comes from an intimate connection with God and you want that.  Furthermore and most importantly -- if you TRUST Him to give you that life; here is a promised that worked for me "and if you search for him with all your heart, you will find him." (Deut. 4:29 GNT)


Make a decision today to be FREE and experience the joy of resting in Christ in 2010.


I am so very sure you life will change when you participate in the teleworkshop that I have decided to return your full registration fee to you.  If, at the end of the workshop you feel you have not made a shift in your relationship with Christ.


 "Noreen is a woman of great integrity who emits the love of God to all who are privileged to meet her.  She is deeply committed to prayer and the scripture. Her deep understanding of scripture enables her to help clients focus from both a spiritual and secular reference point." 
Sharon X. Hayes - Personnel Director Reformed Church in America, MI

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