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January 29, 2010 at 02:00 PM 
January 31, 2010 at 04:00 PM 

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Four Points Sheraton Meadowvale 
2501 Argentia Drive
Mississauga, ON L5N 4G8

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EFT & Meta Medicine Training 

January 29-31, 2010

Four Points Sheraton Meadowvale



Learn the secret ‘tapping’ road map for diseases using META-Medicine®

If there was a marriage made in heaven between two health disciplines, META-Medicine® and EFT is it. META-Medicine® is NOT a therapy but an amazing diagnostic system that allows you to determine the specific event that causes an illness.

 META-Medicine® was developed by medical doctors and health practitioners worldwide and through the use of modern CT imaging it has mapped the trapped emotional conflicts that get stuck in the brain and specific organs to their original stressful cause. Finally it answers how and why certain symptoms are there, what caused them; why do specific organs and the brain uniquely react to certain stressful events.

Using META-Medicine® with EFT you can get to these trapped emotional conflicts quicker and with more accuracy than just intuitively chasing the emotion.

META-Medicine® works by asking targeted questions in conjunction with brain mapping, the aim is to quickly determine the root cause of a client’s illness, diagnose exactly where they are in their disease cycle and as a result design a ‘road map’ so you as the EFT practitioner deliver the right tapping sequence in the right order.

You therefore can masterfully assist in relieving pain and symptoms simply and easily by using amazing reframes that actually talk directly to the purpose behind the symptoms. Then get to the root cause of the problem with lightning speed and additionally solve complex chronic issues by knowing what to tap on with your client; reassuringly knowing where, when and why you are tapping at that point.

As an EFT practitioner META-Medicine® gets you right to the cause of your client’s issue, making your work even more accurate, allowing you to get deep into the psychology and biology behind the disease and therefore you to achieve even better results.

What you will learn on the META-Medicine® incorporating EFT seminar:

  • Why EFT works so well with Meta-Medicine® and what EFT does to conflict shocks in the brain and the organs
  • Discover how to find the root cause of all the major diseases in our western culture
  • Learn how to find the original buried shock that caused the disease using EFT paradigms
  • The process of a disease and why it is there, plus what to tap on and when
  • Use some of the Meta-Medicine® organ reframes to get behind the cause of a disease
  • The possibilities of solving depression and mania in a client
  • Why some disease just keep reoccurring like eczema and what to do to ensure they go
  • What are the triggers that start an illness and how to use EFT to interrupt them so a disease is stopped in its tracks.
  • Answer questions of how long a disease will last and what the next symptoms will be
  • How to solve the environmental, social and spiritual issues with a client because of their illness using EFT
  • How to apply EFT to simple issues such as spots, irritable bowels syndrome, muscle ache, ear ache and other minor ailments
  • Lots of demonstrations and plenty of practical applications and exercises

…….and lots, lots more

Your trainers for your weekend are:

       Richard Flook                                                                          David Rourke, RSSW, CTS, EFT Master

Richard Flook                                                                             David

“Working with EFT and META-Medicine® I have seen miracles occur right in front of my eyes. I believe we are truly onto something with regards to how we can assist people to heal, quickly and with minimal pain.”

Richard Flook is the Head of international training for META-Medicine®. Richard is a Master and trainer of NLP Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, he is trained in EFT. He has had direct experience of using META-Medicine® with EFT with him healing a herniated disc that rendered him unable to walk without being in excruciating pain for a year and a half. He travels the world training META-Medicine® and working with the most challenging of clients. He lives in Toronto, Canada and Bristol England with his wife and family.

David Rourke is a registered counsellor, trauma specialist and EFT Master who has been in clinical practice for the last 25 years.   Since 1997, David has attended many workshops and conferences to expand his knowledge of EFT techniques, including working directly with EFT founder, Gary Craig.  He is renowned for his sense of humour, expertise and compassion that deeply impacts everyone who meets him. His international practice includes one-on-one counselling sessions both in person and via telephone as well as his training programs, workshops and speaking engagements.

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