WETPAINT: 24 hours of inspiration 
Mary Page Evans is a WETPAINT Artist!

WETPAINT Mary Page Evans Painting at VCCA in April 2010 TODAY IS THE DAY!

Find out what 100+

WETPAINT Artists did with

24 hours of inspiration:

Chris Anderson
Karen Arthur
Vincent Baldassano
Marilyn Banner
Kate Barton
Randy Baskerville
Nancy Bass
Chrissy Baucom
Karen Bell
Felicity Blundon
Felicia Van Bork
Janet Bruce
Corinne Buckalew
Susanne Carmack
Matt Carone
Ann Cheeks
Meg Chevalier
Suzanne Chitwood
Dawson Chitwood
Amanda Cockrell
Janette Coleman
Jessie Coles
Roderick Coles
Lucille Colin
Kathleen Craig
Paige Critcher
Richard Crozier
Deborah Davidson
Gray Dodson
Ken Dubin
Mary Page Evans
Diane Fine
Shelby Fischer
Cheryl Fortier
Rita Fravel
Eileen French
Lynn Friedman
Kathryn Frund
Jack Glover
Elissa Gore
Janet Grahame
Ilona Granet
Leslie Gregg
Evan Grimm
Susan Hankla
Lyall Harris
Pinkney Herbert
Amy Hereford
John Hetzel
Helen Hilliard
Bonnie Holland
Tricia Humphreys
Margaret Ingraham
Amanda Johnson
Timothy Kloth
Alexander Kitchin
Gwyn Kohr
Abby Kosonik
Peter Krebs
David Lea
Lauri Luck
Cynthia Lin
Megan Marlatt
Kelly Mattox
Deb Mell
Taylor Moran
Whitney Morrill
Nancy Nerum
William Niemeier
Kelly Oakes
Amy Oliver
Sarah Owen
Nina Ozbey
Martha Saunders
Susan Schwab
Sharon Shapiro
Nicole Sherman
Frankie Slaughter
Kiki Slaughter
Lida Stifel
Edward Thomas
Nancy Wallace
Pamela Wallace
Linda Warshaw
Meg West
Priscilla Whitlock
Marsden Williams
Clay Witt
Agnieszka Zabawa
& More!

WETPAINT is open today
(Sunday, May 2)
from 10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Swing by to pick up your purchase!

Thank you all for making this
a lively and successful event!

Auction proceeds benefit VCCA
-- the internationally recognized artists' community in Amherst, Virginia --


Where do I go for the WETPAINT Cocktails and a Silent Auction?

422 East Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902


WETPAINT Artist Cheryl Fortier
  Cheryl Fortier at VCCA in Auvillar, France.  CLICK HERE for more information.  
                                                 Vincent BaldassanoWETPAINT Artist Vincent Baldassano
WETPAINT Artist Richard CrozierRichard Crozier                                          
                                         Edward ThomasWETPAINT Artst Edward Thomas

WETPAINT Artist Priscilla WhitlockPriscilla Whitlock                        
Eileen Denney-FrenchWETPAINT Artist Eileen Denney-French

Want to be a WETPAINT Artist?
Bring your work to 422 East Main St. before 3:30 today
Doors open at 9 a.m.