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Hermann schulze 


Thursday July 22, 2010 at 6:00 pm
Thursday July 22, 2010 at 8:00 pm

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Loyola University, Miller Hall Rm 112 New Orleans 
6363 St. Charles Avenue
Miller Hall Room 112
Corner of Calhoun and Loyola Ave next to library
New Orleans, LA 70118

Driving Directions 


 2 hour workshop presented by careerTH!NK
Learn the most complete college major and career search process.    
Expect FUN, LEARNING and LAUGHTER!  Students will learn:  

  • The 5 steps to choosing the RIGHT MAJOR and CAREER.
  •  How to know if your MAJOR will lead to a career your enjoy.
  • How to ensure you maximize your career POTENTIAL.
  • How to POSITION yourself to land great jobs upon graduation. 
  • How to avoid CHANGING MAJORS and graduation on time.

PRICE  $49

Dear Parents,

    Thank you for your attention, I respect your time and understand you probably have an extremely busy schedule.  If you would like more information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or view our web site below.  

Hermann Schulze
Head Career Coach


College graduation rates are ridiculously low.  
Less than half of the 18 million students currently in college will graduate.  
• Most state schools use 6-year graduation rates as a general measuring stick for a 4-YEAR BACHELORS DEGREE.
• Almost 1 in 3 students who begin college will not return for a second year.

It’s no secret that the cost of college has grown significantly.  
• 4-year public colleges – Average cost per year:  $19,000 (all expenses)
• 4-year private colleges – Average cost per year:  $39,000 (all expenses)

One of the biggest factors for students completing college is knowing “WHY” they are in school and “WHAT” they are working toward.  This workshop is designed to help students get a jump-start on::
• Doing the “RIGHT” things in college to clarify their career goals.
• Focusing on their personal career plan.

We provide a common sense, easy to follow process that will accomplish this goal.  During this workshop we will cover the 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Major.  


    My name is Hermann Schulze, I began CareerTHINK to make a difference in the lives of students in high school, college and beyond.  I struggled to find my “NICHE” while in college, changing majors, floating through classes and prolonging graduation.  
    I was fortunate to have attended a workshop in college that changed my life!  It was there I met a great mentor, a retired Millionaire businessman, Walter Hailey, who had dedicated the remainder of his life to helping others.  
    What I learned was an invaluable set of skills, as well as a perspective of the future that showed me that  my opportunities more global than local.  He also taught me that I could have everything I wanted,  IF I help enough other people get more of what they wanted and less of what they didn’t want.  I worked with Walter for 7 years before he passed away in 2003, conducting workshops for young adults across the country at Universities such as Pepperdine, Cornell, Georgetown, Washington U. and Davidson.
    I began CareerTHINK to help bring more students grow into successful careers.  Since then I have joined forces with a variety of resources for students.  I joined’s, “Making It Count” program in 2004, where I’ve spoken to over 100,000 high school and college students throughout the United States.  Also in 2004 I joined the “About U” team, to offer Birkman’s, “ABOUT U” career assessment for students 14 – 26 years of age.  We will soon be offering the Highland’s Ability Battery, another career assessment focusing on a student’s natural abilities.  
    Also on the horizon is a soon to be released book, outlining the “5 Steps To A Career You LOVE”, in which I have spent years compiling and fine tuning for students who want to have a successful and meaningful career.  
    Our goal at CareerTHINK is to help students Identify their unique strengths and talents, then build the skills to USE THEIR TALENTS with purpose and direction.  

    The short answer, is that it is never too early!  (or too late for that matter)  The majority of students make a very COSTLY MISTAKE by approaching their career in a REACITVE manner.  Thinking that by simply BEING in school and taking classes needed for graduation will lead them to a career.  Our philosophy is to become more PROACTIVE, but taking steps to do a BETTER JOB fulfilling career goals by taking specific action steps to find one’s best career path.  I believe that many people are always looking for fulfilling careers, however most people do a poor job at this because NO ONE has EVER SHOWN them how to do it.  The earlier someone starts with a proactive plan, the more successful and more productive his or her career will become.  
    Even though many people usually have little trouble getting a job, few ever truly find a career that they enjoy AND are able to meet their needs.  It is possible, but it takes a plan!  Experience!  Mentors!  Parents

    The 5 Steps are there to help guide a student so they can take advantage of all the resources available to them.
• Step 1.  Know Yourself
• Step 2.  Know Careers
• Step 3.  Find Mentors
• Step 4.  Build Relationships
• Step 5.  Take Action, Filtration Method

The first step is to register for this program.  I will give you our IRON CLAD guarantee:  If you feel that this program was not helpful, or not worth your time, money and energy of attending, please let me know and we will refund your money.  Our goal is about being effective with the time we spend together.  Please take the first step!  We will see you at the program!


Hermann Schulze III

Hermann Schulze III
hermann speaking
(Hermann speaking at STM High School in Lafayette on Making  Your College Search Count)

Our focus:
1.  Deliver a proven method to help FIND THE RIGHT CAREER PATH
2.  Deliver steps to set themselves up for a  MAJOR CAREER HEADSTART!
     During the 2 hour workshop, "WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR?", students will:
  • experience a fun, interactive presentation
  • lean the 5 steps to choosing the right major
  • receive guide of the 5 steps
  • help become more directed in college
  • help save time and money with better focus
Please click on the link below to register or RSVP and to recieve your FREE special report on, "The 7 Biggest Mistakes Students Make Preparing For College".  If you would like only to recieve the special report, please email us at: and we will be happy to send it to you. 
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More Event Details

Each student will receive guidebook, and follow-up emails.  Snacks will be provided.  Parents may attend either sesion with or without their son or daughter.  If you have further questions, please give us a call or visit: