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August 12, 2010 at 10:00 AM 
August 12, 2010 at 11:00 AM 

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Ron Hesse 

MEXICO: "The Mexican Light Vehicle Outlook" 

A GlobalAutoIndustry.com Online Seminar to assist companies and management with doing business in the Mexican automotive industry.

  •  Online Seminar to be held on Thursday August 12 at 10:00am EST (Detroit time)
  •  Attend 1-hour seminar on your computer, 'live' via Internet
  •  A 40-minute presentation is followed by a 20-minute online, interactive 'Q&A' session
  •  Cost: $59 per person - $99 for two persons attending - $129 for three persons attending.
  •  To register, click on Register Now! link at bottom of this page.

About This Online Seminar
The global recession took its toll on the Mexican economy and auto industry. Light vehicle sales and production fell by almost 30% last year. The recovery is now underway but the speed of the rebound will be different depending upon one's position in the auto chain.

Even before the recession, domestic demand, sales, struggled. Imported used cars and trucks and a lack of credit have hampered internal market growth in Mexico.

On the other hand, light vehicle production, geared for export, mostly to the US, was booming before the downturn. Now that recovery has set in, Mexican production is red hot once again. Prospects for future growth remain very bright.

Join us for the latest outlook and thinking from IHS on the economy and auto industry. The latest forecast for light vehicle sales and production will be analyzed, along with trends in manufacturer market share, performance and segmentation.

Our Guest Speakers / Presenters

The Online Seminar guest presenter is George Magliano (see Speaker's Bio by clicking here).

Who Should Attend
This Online Seminar is for companies and management who want to, or are doing business in the Mexican automotive industry.

Event Info
August 12, 2010
10:00 am to 11:00am - Detroit time
16.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. - Brussels time
22.00 hrs. to 23.00 hrs. - Shanghai time
Your price: $59 per person.
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Your price: $99 for 2 attendees
Your price: $129 for 3 attendees
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Please note:
Please note that all events are for automotive suppliers and OEMs only. Select Global Expert guests may also attend at our discretion. If you have any questions whether you or your company is eligible, please contact us.