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SEPTEMBER 18, 2010
Thanks to you and the wonderful national speakers and workshop presenters who participated in Utah's Freedom Conference on September 18th at the Radisson Hotel, we can call the day a great success!  We're all better informed and more resolved to stay involved in state and local politics and better equipped to support candidates and elected officials who will and do uphold the Constitutions they have sworn to defend. 
As co-chairs of the Conference, with Representative Carl Wimmer of the Patrick Henry Caucus, we salute all of you for spending the day with us.  Nearly 400 people attended the Conference with 116 joining us for the prayer breakfast at 7:30 A.M.!  Now that you've enjoyed the outstanding speakers on topics ranging from state sovereignty to global governance, we invite you to stay involved by educating your friends and neighbors using the many resources provided at the Conference.  Visit www.UtahUnited.org to access the talks, powerpoint presentations, and materials as they become available to us from our many expert speakers.
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Again, thank you for making Utah's first Freedom Conference a wonderful success.  We look forward to reclaiming our Constitutional heritage and taking back our Republic with you, our humble, loyal and dedicated friends in the cause of liberty!
Bert and Kathy Smith


Please Note

Thank you for celebrating Constitution Day with us at the Utah State Capitol, on Friday and Saturday, September 17 & 18 at 8:00 PM with renowned composer and musician Lex de Azevedo and the Millennium Choir and Orchestra and outstanding speakers from the community.  Stay tuned for DVD's of both performances, available soon at www.CDUtah.org.