Snehal Patel - Instructor
The Association of Film and Video Producers
(818) 841-9660

When: July 17th, 1pm - 6pm


Studio in Santa Monica

Early Registration Fee: $300 (before  July 15 @ Midnight)

Standard Fee: $350

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1. What's the best setup of the camera? 

2. How does DSLR compare to RED in terms of quality?

3. Can I mix DSLR footage with the RED or film
4. What are the best lenses to use?

5. Can I use a Follow Focus?

6. Can I use available light to shoot and lower my lighting budget? 
7. What is the transcoding process?

8. Can I use HDLRs for Timelapse?

9. What are the limitations of the 4:2:0 color space?

10. What's the best support & handheld rigging?
11. What should I look for when choosing a shoulder mount solution?

12. Should I shoot "flat" or not?

13. Can I quickly mount the camera on a car or boat? 
14. Does the CMOS sensor overheat and affect the image quality? 
15. How do I monitor the image? 
16. How do I set exposure?

17. What's the best viewfinder?

18. Does the new firmware provide histograms? 
19. Are there any particular lighting setups that are optional for HDSLR's?

20. Do I use Auto Metering
21. What is my post workflow...the different codecs and frame rates
22. How do I handle audio? 
23. What kind of memory cards do I use? 
24. What do I use to offload the cards in the field? 
25. What are the absolute essential accessories for making an HDSLR cinema capable
26. 27.How do I address moiré and aliasing issues
27. How do I manage the rolling shutter issue?

Canon 5D / 7D Hands-on Training Boot Camp
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 "Thank you for creating a space where everyone, from newbie to pro, could feel comfortable asking questions. Your explanations were concise, easy to understand, and never condescending. Really first class."
-Chad Slattery, Boot Camp Survivor


Are you thinking about shooting with the Canon 5D or 7D DSLR cameras?  Are you going to use it for 2nd unit photography, multi-cam, background plates or SPFX shots? Don't fumble in the dark.  Learn everything you need in one workshop.

We teamed up with Snehal Patel, a veteran in DSLR production and post, to put together an intensive 5-hour BOOT CAMP workshop for industry professionals that want to use these cameras for film and television.  You can see Snehal's narrative piece, lensed by Rodney Charters (part of Canon's official DSLR reel):


This is a real hands-on workshop, on a set and an actor.  We will have a green screen, monitors, lights and plenty of gear, including the latest DSLR accessories. DPs and their ACs should take the workshop together, so you are on the same page and your DSLR shoot is a huge success.  You will get the individual attention you need.

When you sign up, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for cool toys from  Marshall Monitors, Hoodman, LitePanels and others.


The cost of the Workshop is $300* if you register before July 15 ($350* if you register after that). 

You also receive discounts for referring other attendees to our workshop - call for details.

For completing the boot camp, you'll receive a Certification from The Association of Film and Video Producers that you completed "Pro Level One: Canon DSLR


Our workshops have been roaring successes, and fill up fast, so SIGN UP NOW.

Contact Snehal at The Association:   
(818) 841-9660

Ready for Pro Level 2?  Click Here

You will be contacted by email with details about the location of the class. If you're interested in future training opportunities, send me an email and we'll put you on our mailing list.

*There are no refunds