2010 NACOP Training Workshop
"Rising to the Challenge-Soaring to New Heights"
August 18-19, 2010
Norman, OK


Wednesday August 18, 2010 at 8:00 AM 
Thursday August 19, 2010 at 5:00 PM 

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National Center for Employee Development 
2801 East State Hwy 9
Norman, OK 73071

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If you would like to call to make reservations: 405-447-9000, ext. 0. Our group code is 6037.


 Driving Directions

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Join Us for a training workshop for ARS Office Professionals, titled “Rising to the Challenge – Soaring to New Heights!” This training workshop is scheduled for August 18-19, 2010, at the National Center for Employee Development Conference Center, located in Norman, Oklahoma.  We are privileged that the Administrator’s Council supports our continued education and growth. Tuesday and Friday are planned as travel days.

This 2-day training workshop has been designed with you in mind.  Our planned general and breakout sessions cover a wide range of topics that have a direct impact on our roles as office professionals.  We hope this workshop will enhance your professional skills and serve as a catalyst for developing networking partners throughout the Agency.

Click below to register for the workshop! After registration, please be sure  to reserve your hotel room at the conference center Please note: each room sleeps one person.  If you will be bringing family, you may select the suite option.  This option costs $120.00 per night, however per diem allowed is $70 per night. Anything in excess will be the responsibility of the participant.

Thank you for your interest in the 2010 NACOP Training Workshop! We look forward to seeing you in Norman, OK!

Due to the short deadline, it is imperative that registrations are completed by Monday, July 19!

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Kate O’Hara, MWA                                                                                                      “ARS: Making A Difference"                                                                                    

  • Through decades of discovery and commercialization, ARS technologies have improved our lives
  • We’ll look at some products and impacts, the foundation of excellence they were built upon and ways the future is being created, today
Diane Strub, MWA                                                                                                    “Self Development – How To Help Yourself And ARS”
  • Provide tools, resources, & tips to be successful
  • How to advance in your career – be prepared for opportunities
  • Interpersonal/organizational skills
  • How to give & take direction
  • Advantages of details and job shadowing
  • Taking classes to broaden horizons

 National Center for Employee Development                                               “Practical Tips For Abundant Living”

  • Examine your lifestyle – the way you work, play and exercise, and enjoy life
  • Optimal health is defined as a balance of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and financial health
  •  Lifestyle changes can be facilitated through a combination of efforts to enhance awareness,  change behavior, and create environments that support good health practices

 Jim Bradley, AFM                                                                                                          The Future Is Now”

  • A discussion about the different generations in the workforce today, how they differ, and what that means for all of us as we strive to work together to accomplish our work 
  • Also we will talk about some of the things that we can do to enhance our working together 
  • Followed by a Q&A session

Jeff Schmitt and Jan Lewis, ODEO                                                                   “Collaborative Conversations

  • Building collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect
  • Foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Learn to minimize workplace disagreements
  • Improve mutual understanding and respect
Dr. Sharon Drumm, ONP                                                                                        “How To Say “No,” Mean It, And Look Good In The Process!” 
  • We are all doing more with less these days
  • This provides many good opportunities and many chances to spread yourself too thin 
  • Gain many tools for your “no” toolbox that will help keep you sane, effective, and ingratiated

BREAKOUT SESSION SPEAKERS: (you will have the opportunity to choose and attend 6 sesssions)


Lisa Baete, NPA                                                                                                                                                    “What Is Records Management? How Can We Improve The Upkeep Of Our Files?”

  • Do you know what to do with the e-mails you receive
  • How to determine a record
  • File management plan
  • Records retention schedules

Josie Portales, SPA                                                                                                                          “Sharepoint

  • Ability to share & transfer large files
  • Transfer of sensitive/confidential 
  • How to set up alerts
  • Set up site
  • Basic introduction & navigation
  • Examples of use

 Diane Eggert & Janelle McClintock , AFM                                                                 “Travel/GovTrip”

  • Troubleshooting
  • Open forum for travel policy questions
  • One-on-one expert help
  • FTIS – OSEC approval/reporting

 Rick Brenner, Assistant Administrator for Technology Transfer               “Partnership Initiatives To Enhance ARS Research & Adoption Of Outcomes”

  • A proposed “office of partnerships & innovation"
  • Overarching goals of the initiatives and core values
  • Developing and nurturing relationships, and establishing efficient uniform processes
  • Strengthening research capabilities through competitive grants processes
  • Engaging other government R&D agencies through structured partnerships addressing areas  of common interest
  • The new Agricultural Technology Innovation Partnership program of ARS, designed to fast- track adoption and commercialization of research outcomes to the private sector using partnership intermediaries.

 Marcie Currie-Gross, NPA                                                                                  " Start To Finish"

  • Overview of what it looks like and how to find what you need
  • What is an LOI
  • What do you do in ARS
  • What happens if they get the grant
Michelyn Boyd, AFM                                                                                           “T&A/WebTA”
  • Pay and leave policies and programs
  • How they affect T&A processing
  • Completing T&A’s
  • Leave audits and lump sum payments
  • Boarding and separating employees
  • Leave for family care and bereavement/voluntary leave transfer program
  • Credit time, overtime/compensatory time

 TBD                                                                                                             “Procurement”

  • Policies & procedures – general
  • Mandatory sources
  • Sole source justification/requirements
  • When can refreshments be purchased
  • Hosting a local meeting – what ARS funds can or cannot be committed
  • Ethics

Cathy Lonaberger, HQ                                                                                     “Correspondence

  • Need a refresher in ARS format
  • Are you new to ARS
  • When to use “memo format” vs “letter format”
  • Proper clearance procedures
  • Sending correspondence by email

Jason Groves, HS                                                                                                      “Homeland Security

  • Introducing the e-230 system, to create a seamless, transparent, and user-friendly experience for USDA employees and their international guests
  • Anticipating a substantial reduction in administrative burden to office professionals
  • Address assistance memos (for maintenance allowance, health insurance, etc.)
  • Foreign national check-in/check-out