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Thursday, Sept. 23d, 2010;  8:30 am - 4:30 pmAdd to my calendar

Price:                                                          OMG Member Early Bird Rate:  $475.00 (until  9.10.10) Non-Member Early Bird Rate:   $525.00 (until 9.10.10)

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Goal-Driven Business Measurements 

To stay competitive, organizations have to have a high level of agility to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently to complex challenges. Strategically aligned process measures, metrics and Key Process Indicators (KPI) become an integral part of successful organization.  Can we ever achieve the level of flexibility, balance and technology alignment to effectively support the enterprise? 

This collaborative workshop will examine the concepts of Management Scorecards, Innovation Curve and Measurement Framework and introduce a clear, concise methodology that will help better understand, monitor and measure  critical processes, analyze challenges and proactively take action.

The seminar presentation is based on the concepts described in the upcoming book by Joseph Raynus: "Improving Business Process Performance - Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success".

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Learning Objectives:

  • Gain understanding of key components of Business Performance Measurement
  • Introduce Logic Model for business strategy planning
  • Learn Goal-Question-Metric Methodology to define effective Key Process Indicators and Metrics
  • Develop understanding of Balanced Scorecard and its structure
  • Learn how to develop a top-down scorecard/dashboard structure for monitoring and control of your key processes and indicators
  • Establish a measurement program that is aligned with the organization's business processes
  • Enhance ability to analyze quantitative information for decision making and analysis 

Seminar Outline:

Module 1:  Introduction

  •  Process Performance Management Concepts
  •  Strategic Performance Measures
  •  Strategic goals and decision making
  •  Process performance management and measurement process

 Module 2:  Strategic Planning with Logic Model

  •  Logic Model overview
  •  Inputs, outcomes and impacts
  •  Goals, Strategies and Critical Success Factors
  •  Goals and strategy alignment with measurements

 Module 3:  Measures, Metrics and Key Process Indicators (KPI)

  •  Metrics, Measures and Key Process Indicators overview
  •  Definition of key measures with Goal-Question-Metric Methodology
  •  Metrics correlation and KPIs
  •  Key measures and decision making

 Module 4:  Management Dashboards for decision making and analysis

  •  Types of management dashboards
  •  Linking strategic measures with goals and critical success factors
  •  Developing cascading dashboard structure for all levels of organization
  •  Use of quantitative information for decision making and analysis

Students will receive a course workbook that contains copies of the presentation materials, class exercises, templates, key references and other useful materials discussed in class.  The workshop attendees will also have a chance to win a pre-release version of an upcoming book by Joe Raynus: "Improving Business Process Performance:  Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success" - for more info click here

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers, executives and their staff responsible for planning, management and decision-making at any level of organization
  • Process improvement managers and team members
  • Project and process managers
  • Professionals who need reliable quantitative information to guide acquiring, supporting, planning, or tracking software or hardware systems

About the Instructor:

Joseph Raynus is a Founder and Principal Consultant at ShareDynamics, performance management consulting company that helps organizations achieve their strategic goals by translating them into realistic indicators to monitor, balance and adjust process performance.  

Mr. Raynus provides industry consulting for process improvement initiatives, management of conflicting business goals and objectives, and development of measurement frameworks.  Mr. Raynus’ consulting clients include Sun Microsystems, Oracle, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corp., and U.S. Coast Guard R&D Center.

In addition to his work at ShareDynamics, Mr. Raynus is an Adjunct Professor of Information Systems at Northeastern University College of Engineering, where he teaches courses in Information Systems Planning and Management and Business Process Engineering.

Mr. Raynus is a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of several books including “Software Process Improvement with CMM,” (Boston: Artech House, 1999) which is also available in Japanese and Chinese; and his latest, “Improving Business Process Performance:  Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success” (NY: Taylor & Francis, October, 2010).

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Refund and Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel your worshop attendance and require a refund, please contact events@sharedynamics.com no later than Friday, September 10, 2010.  $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged for each cancellation request.  No refunds will be issued after Friday, September 10, 2010. You may, however, send another person from your company as your replacement and we will make the appropriate badge change.