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Session 1: Introduction (Free)

Tuesday September 14, 2010 at 12:05 PM
Tuesday September 14, 2010 at 01:05 PM
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How is your life different being on-purpose?

"All the difference in the world – fulfilment, singularness of focus and fun."  – Rev. Charlie Holt

"SAVED MY LIFE... I had an early mid life crisis :)"  Michelle Ogden, CRPS, CFP

                  "Focus, committment and resolve."                 – Lyn Perez, Reformed Theological Seminary


Session 1: Free Preview
Tuesday, September 14, 12:05 PM
(All times are Eastern US)
Your Personal Leadership Matters

Session 2: Tuesday, September 21, 12:05 PM
Examining Life On-Purpose

Session 3: Tuesday, September 28, 12:05 PM
Ordering Your Life From The Heart

Session 4: Tuesday, October 5, 12:05 PM 
On-Purpose: Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values

Session 5: Tuesday, October 12, 12:05 PM
From Purpose to On-Purpose

Session 6: Tuesday, October 19, 12:05 PM
The Next Level: Being On-Purpose

Your $127 tuition includes:

  • 6 Sessions led by Kevin W. McCarthy
  • Printable E-workbook: a $25 value
  • Exclusive access to Participant Only Forums and Online Discussion area hosted by Kevin: a $54 value
  • Online availability of recorded sessions
  • Alumni discount for repeating the program in the future


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What Is The Controlling Interest
of Your Life?

Do you get caught up in busyness far too often on the job and at home?  Do you experience too much fear, doubt, and struggle? Do you know you have so much more to give and serve others?

If you answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, then you will benefit greatly from being on-purpose. The On-Purpose Leader Experience can give you insights and help you apply them to your life.

What do you want to accomplish?  What decision do you need to make?  What area or areas do you want to focus on?

  • OP Person UpdatedHealth
  • Self-esteem and sense of worth 
  • Job and employer
  • Earning capacity
  • Stress level
  • Educational pursuit
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Spiritual growth
  • Career and business
  • Friendships
  • Financial situation
This six-week life-changing immersion in personal leadership is offered in a combination of an online cohort; a series of live events and webcasts; and a 24/7 private interactive participant site with webcast replays, a forum, and members’ profiles.  Come prepared (on your schedule mostly) to enter into the proven On-PurposeŽ Process and become a more Christ-centered and confident leader of your life.  Be better by being on-purpose. 

Kevin personally leads the live events and every Webcast plus he provides extensive online support to members throughout the entire six weeks and then some.   Immerse yourself in learning to be on-purpose so you can learn how to:

  • See obstacles to your success as deceptions not defining qualities
  • Understand the basis of boldness
  • Employ the On-Purpose Process for a lifetime of benefit
  • Determine what really matters most in your life
  • Set and keep your priorities
  • Clarify the confusion about purpose, vision, mission, and values
  • Write your personal two word purpose statement
  • Create personalized plans to align and integrate your life to be on-purpose
  • Make a difference from your God-given gifts, equipping, and calling
Have you found yourself saying, "Something has to change!" but you're not even sure where to begin?  It begins today by clicking on the Register Now! link below:

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Your only investment is your time.

Registration is required to gain access to teleseminar web site and conference phone lines.

Kevin McCarthy casualSince 1993, I've delivered The On-PurposeŽ Leader on-site for clients or here in Orlando, FL. Previous series have been well received by attendees.  It's exciting to more broadly offer this life transforming work via the web so you can begin experiencing the depth and strength of who you truly are and were designed to be.
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Kevin W. McCarthy
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