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Tuesday October 5, 2010 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

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Guest Chief Analyst, John Abbott, The 451 Group 


Webinar Event:  Integrate My Cloud!  Get My SalesForce™, Siebel™, PeopleSoft™ and SAP™ all Working Together.

Integrate all my Clouds, On-premise Applications and Data.  Get my SalesForce™, RightNow™, Taleo™, Microsoft Dynamics CRM™ and Netsuite™ integrated easily with SAP™, Siebel™, PeopleSoft™ or any other applications. 

  • Make the Cloud Work for Me!  Learn about the challenges and solutions for Cloud integration for public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise systems.
  • The Next Wave is Here Now!  Learn about the next large wave in virtualization technology and how it solves data and application integration problems for Cloud integration easily and securely. 
  • Same Customer - Same Data - Everywhere!  Learn how to reach the same consistent view of customer and product data in all these systems and keep it that way automatically through Data Harmonization.
  • Break the Chains of 10 Year Old Legacy Tools!  Never use ancient ETL, EAI and EII tools again.  Forget about cumbersome wire diagrams and confusing templates.  No more shelfware.
  • Show me the Money!  Learn how you can save up to 80% on your very first implementation.  New solutions bring strong savings so important in this tough economy. 
  • See the Demo!  A picture is worth a thousand words.
Register for this webinar with guest Chief Analyst, John Abbott of independent IT firm The 451 Group as he shares practical guidance on the benefits and challenges of cloud architectures, the available solutions for application and data integration and introduces the next important wave to change everything - data virtualization.