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Synerphase Announces Oracle Payroll Year End Classes 

Online Oracle Payroll Year End Training from the Experts!

Are you interested in learning the steps involved in Oracle Payroll Year End processing?

Find out where to obtain further information in support of your Oracle Payroll Year End activities.

These courses will teach you hands-on how to run Payroll Year End processes and execute diagnostic and balancing reports.

Learn how to record W-2, W-2PR, and 1099-R information in order to prepare required U.S. Year End Payroll reports.

Our Oracle Payroll Year End courses are taught by Beth Correa, a subject matter expert with over 20 years of payroll experience as well as over 11 years as an Human Capital Management product manager of Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Payroll Year End Fundamentals Training Schedule

Select a Module Date Below for Course Description and Registration
Module 1: Pre Year End Preparation Class (3 Hours)

This module covers release schedules of the year end patches, sources to obtain information on year end processing, items to consider in order to prep for year end, as well as balancing and diagnostic reporting that should be done throughout the year.

Dates: October 14 (Q&A session Oct 20)

             November 4 (Q&A session Nov 10)

Module 2: Year End Processing (3 Hours)

This module covers W-2 balances and their implications in processing, all the year-end processes that must be run in preparation for producing all your regulatory reports.  This course discusses the pre-processes (and balancing reports) and the year-end archive.

Dates: October 21 (Q&A session Oct 27)

               November 11 (Q&A session Nov 17)

Module 3: Year End Reporting (3 Hours)

This module covers all the Year End Reporting that is generated at Year End, including W-2, W-2 PR (Puerto Rico), W-2c, 1099-R (paper and magnetic versions of all noted) and final reconciliation and balancing reports.

Dates: October 28 (Q&A session Nov 3)

                November 18 (Q&A session Nov 29)

Module 4: Start of Year Processing (2 Hours)

This module will cover the processes needed for preparing your system for year begin processing, new rates (Vertex updates), and PTO considerations.
                       Dates: November 2
                                  November 16
                                                   November 30
Module 5: Year End New Features Summary (1 Hour)

This module will cover the new features in the Oracle Payroll year end releases.
                                 Year End I:   October 18    
                                                    November 8
 Year End II:  December 21
                    December 28
Year End III: January 18
                   January 20