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*** Important - If you registered for this event, but later are unable to attend, you MUST email three days prior to event. If you fail to give notification, you will be restricted to attend the next ACCION workshop held in March.


Saturday January 22, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST
***Registration  and installation of software begins at 8am. Workshop will begin at 9am.

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Joe and Vi Jacobs Center 
404 Euclid Avenue
Chollas View Room (2nd Floor)
San Diego, CA 92114


Jessica Tompane (Hill) 
ACCION San Diego 

CAREFULLY Read Below Before Registering To See If This Workshop Is for You!

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This workshop is ideal for:

  • Non-financial professionals
  • Already established business owners (sole proprietors, corp, LLC, LP) or real estate investors
  • Been in business for AT LEAST 1 yr
  • Have been keeping financial records in some fashion (Excel, accounting software) and needs to formally setup financials
  • Is familiar with financial reports, may be unsure of the accuracy, wants better timeliness, and use of financial information
  • Would classify themselves as a beginner or intermediate level Quickbooks user

This workshop is NOT ideal for those who are:

  • Brand new start-ups (no business revenue, no business formation)
  • Individuals that are strictly W2
  • Those using an accounting software solution other than Quickbooks (e.g. Peachtree, Quicken)
  • Those who would already consider themselves an advanced Quickbooks user looking to focus on deepening their use of the systems (this is basic training)
  • Financial experts, bookkeepers, accountants

FREE Quickbooks Basics Workshop

Instructed by Former Financial Executive and Renowned Entrepreneurial Coach:

Mayumi Young

Important Pre-Requisite Information Regarding Quickbooks Software.  READ!!

To get the most out of the 3 hour hands-on workshop, the following pre-requisites must be completed prior to the course: 

  • Mayumi will be teaching from the 2011 Quickbooks Pro Version, however older versions (2-3 years) are acceptable as they are similar in many aspects. Purchase the appropriate Quickbooks program if you do NOT already have Quickbooks .  Use the link provided: to receive up to a 20% discount.  Most will need Quickbooks Pro 2011 desktop PC solution.   Mac software is also available with the discount.
  • You may also buy Quickbooks via another source including Amazon, Ebay, etc. Please note that the software needs to be purchased immediatly due to shipping time. You also need the time prior to event to set up all information, data and financials in the software.
  • Those who can not afford to purchase the software, may bring a laptop at 8am (day of event) and install the free 2006 QB version software provided by ACCION. ACCION has 37 2006 Quickbook softwares reserved for only those who truly cannot afford to buy another version. These will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. ** Please note that the 2006 version is outdated and comes with significant disadvantages. It is not ONLY compadible with Windows 2007 or XP and will not function with most newer computers. This should only be used as an absolute last resort.  ** Also, you MUST specify on your registration form that you will be in need of the free software under the Quickbook question. Your name will be checked upon registration, and it is strongly advised that you arrive early to ensure you receive your free software.
  • Bring laptop (even if it is borrowed). If this is not possible, there will be a recorded video conference after the workshop that will be sent to the attendees.
  • If you are a previous Quickbooks user that has upgraded to latest version of Quickbooks, make sure your laptop has a copy of the backup files (QBB) for all files you want to convert to the new program or bring a thumbdrive with the files.  (Note: due to time restrictions, we will not upload any financial data from Quickbook versions that are too old to convert directly into the software, and will not upload any data from another software like Quicken.)
  • Gather electronic or paper copies of all bank statements, and credit card statements for each month in 2010 and bring to class.**Not required, but would be extremely helpful
  • Bring 2009 Tax Returns **Not required, but would be extremely helpful

Intended Outcomes for Attendees

  • Walk away with QB architecture setup through step by step instructions  to properly build a QB file
  • Understanding the key components of the QB system, with a focus on features that are relevant to most all businesses
  • Hands-on training of key features (e.g. backups, when to create a separate QB file, chart of accounts, lists, bank downloads, checks, bills, invoicing, deposits, credit cards, reconciliations, memorizing transactions, reporting)
  • Best practices around the division of roles/responsibilities for accounting when working with an accounting professional
  • Process, procedures to ensure financials are always complete and accurate
  • Frequency of accounting practices, including financial review
  • Overview of key financial statements – terminology, review of, use from the business owner’s perspective (e.g. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Open Invoices, Unpaid Bills)
  • Additional resources to support those who are “doing the books” themselves.