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Tuesday, November 9, 2010 / 1 PM EST

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King Rogers, Founder and Principal of King Rogers Group

The technology basis for improving retailing operations and profitability has made giant strides over the past decades. The very fact that the flow of information-often called data mining and harvesting-is now recognized as Business Intelligence is a sign of the growing importance. Meaningful Business Intelligence, intelligently applied, has changed the game and has become fundamental to success in a complex and competitive environment.


Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect

Retailers and their Business Intelligence systems suppliers are on the cusp of a revolution that can make this industry more efficient and more profitable than it has ever been. The flow of intelligence will cover every department and every manager with responsibilities for a segment of operations. And every manager will be responsible for utilizing the applicable intelligence.


This is not a pipe dream. The technology already is here and it is being used every day by retailers on every continent. "Actionability", this long neglected critical element of Business Intelligence systems is the basis of the retailing revolution.

Join us on Tuesday, November 9th at 1:00 p.m. EST and learn about how;

  • Traditional methods of retailing management are no longer effective.
  • New developments in Business Information technology systems with Actionable Alerts and Corrective Actions have been developed.