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Wednesday March 2, 2011 at 7:30 PM PST
Sunday March 6, 2011 at 10:00 AM PST

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Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, Utah

First-time Registrants:                                                 $729 per person; $879 including Bonus Day Hike. 

Water and Fire Retreat Alumni, save $50:                  $679 per person; $829 including Bonus Day Hike.

All program activities (hikes, music, discussions, guides) * Two lunches (day 1 and day 2) * Opening night reception with dessert, tea & coffee * Closing night dinner * All ground transportation to/from Retreat activities, hikes, etc. * Park and program admissions * Special gifts and surprises

Transportation to/from Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, including flights and airport transfers * Lodging at Red Cliffs Lodge ($89 a night, double occupancy, group rate) * All breakfasts, one lunch, all dinners except final evening dinner (which is included)

Moab in March has highly variable weather -- temperatures range from the 30's to the 60's.  So we might have snow flurries and winter coats, or we might have bright sunshine and sweatshirts!  We'll provide packing tips and updates as the Retreat approaches.

The Water Retreat provides opportunities for attendees of ALL FITNESS LEVELS and ALL AGES to experience some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world!  Your preference for more difficult hikes or for easier walks will guide your experience; each session provides the choice of both types of activities, with no pressure or commitment to either.  We do reserve the right to guide you towards one activity or the other, based on our knowledge and experience with the difficulty of a specific activity.

When your Registration is completed, you'll receive an email with complete instructions and tips on getting to Moab and booking your room at Red Cliffs Lodge.  You'll fly into Salt Lake City or Grand Junction, CO.

When we receive your Registration, we'll send you a Release form to read, which basically states that you're ultimately responsible for your own safety and for knowing your own physical limitations.  You'll be asked to sign the Release when you arrive in Moab; be sure to read it over carefully.

For cancellations prior to December 1, 2010, we'll refund your entire payment less $100 per person.  For cancellations prior to January 1, 2011, we'll refund your entire payment less $250 per person.  Sorry, no refunds can be given after January 1, 2011.

If you would prefer to pay for the Retreat in multiple payments, we're glad to offer the following:  50% of total due upfront, and 50% due on February 1, 2011.  Select the appropriate "50% Deposit" option when making your payment.  A $10 per-person service charge applies. 

Your second payment must be sent either as a check or via Paypal to Paypal@DanielNahmod.com, arriving no later than January 1 in order to secure your spot(s).  We will email you a reminder of the total due towards the end of January.

Water Retreat 2011 

With Daniel Nahmod

March 2-6, 2011

Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, Utah


In 2006, Daniel Nahmod moved into a small house in Moab, Utah, for a three-month sabbatical. During those three months, he hiked the cliffs and canyons of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and explored the gorgeous surrounding red-rock landscape. He walked back into the deepest corners of slot canyons, alone except for his thoughts, and sat beside snowmelt pools. He watched the moon rise over 300-million-year-old rock features as they shifted and settled, dissolved and arose. And through it all, he wrote over 125 songs... of tranquility and nature, faith and surrender, birth and death. His award-winning CD "Water" was the powerful result.

In February 2008, and again in 2009 and 2010, Daniel has returned to Moab. But he hasn't gone alone; instead, he's brought with him a small group of loving and adventurous people from across the United States, sharing from his heart the peace and quiet, the breathtaking beauty, the insight and inspiration. It's called the Water Retreat. And those who have attended have been touched - and changed - forever. (You can read some of their reactions, and view amazing photos, just below.)

Now, for the fourth year, and perhaps for the last time, Daniel announces a return to Moab. Water 2011 will be held March 2 - 6, 2011, once again at the world-renowned Red Cliffs Lodge (see photos below). For three magical days, Daniel will guide you through this amazing area, leading walks and hikes into magnificent canyons and valleys, along the red rock arches and bubbling streams. You’ll experience the same silence, serenity, and beauty that he did during those transformative three months.

WA ReflectionWA Ursula

Mornings and evenings, and at unexpected moments along the way, Daniel will share his songs, his experiences, and his insights into living in faith and surrendering the to-do lists and daily stresses of the modern world. Plus, enjoy Ranger-guided hikes, special guests, fine dining, and more.

Water Retreat 2011. Your eyes will be astonished, your body invigorated, your heart opened, and your soul stirred to greater peace, deeper trust, and a more profound understanding of your place in this world than you've ever known before. It's an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Take a moment to look at these extraordinary photos from past Water Retreats, read some testimonials from past attendees... then click the link below to reserve your spot.

Special BONUS DAY: For the 3rd straight year, Daniel is offering an additional day of strenuous hiking, for those looking to experience the more challenging side of red rock country. On Wednesday morning, March 2, Daniel will lead a small group into Arches National Park for an entire day of difficult, extraordinarily scenic hiking -- all the way up to the world-famous Delicate Arch, as well as to other scenic but secluded destinations.  You'll return to the Lodge in time for dinner; the Retreat formally begins that evening at 7:30 PM with dessert, coffee and tea.

A delicious boxed lunch and transportation to and from the Lodge are included. Group size is strictly limited to 20, and the Bonus Day is sure to sell out quickly (as it has done in past years)... so be sure to register right away.  Only $150 additional per person, all inclusive.

WA Daniel In CanyonWater 2010 Delicate ArchWA Group HugWA Red Cliffs Lodge Room With A ViewWA Watch Your StepWA Hidden Arch

Here's what Water Attendees have said about their experience:

"I loved it. Thank you so much for a wonderful, awesome, inspiring experience. And most of all -- thanks for the music!" K.T., Kansas City

"Thank you for sharing this sacred place and your deep experience... I treasure it." L.C., Kansas City, MO.

"Wonderful. Magical. Transcendent." A.Y., Portland

"The Water Retreat could not have been any better. I loved every minute." D.W., South Bend

"The most thought-provoking, spiritually exhilarating experience i've ever had." Susan N.

"I can't imagine this retreat being any more perfect." Holli M.

"A profound experience." Hobbit F.

"With just the right combination of discussion, meditation, music and nature, Daniel has created an experience that you will remember forever. Don't miss it." Wes H.

"A great Mind, Body, Spirit experience. Fabulous." Zelda B.

"A magical four days." Eva W.

"The most inspirational, life-changing retreat I have ever attended. I cannot wait to return and bring loved ones with me." Brenda C.

"I can't imagine anything offering more opportunity for me to center myself and impact my life within a 3 day period. Life changing." Damien M.

"The Water Retreat opened my heart to new vistas, friends, possibilities, joy and flow. I feel transformed." Connee C.

"I experienced so much beauty -- in the people, in the scenery, in Daniel's music, in the Tao -- my heart opened wide. Wow." Jennifer P.

"Four days of total surrender and peace -- one of the greatest experiences of my life." Susanne L.

"Beautiful people, beautiful ideas, beautiful experiences, beautiful scenery, beautiful music, beautiful energy. Thought provoking, spiritually challenging and awe-inspiring." Angela B.

"One of the most sacred experiences of my life." Sharleen J.

"This was a marvelous opportunity to slow down, quiet my mind, commune with nature, and experience myself anew. I am leaving this special event with new thoughts of what it is to be me." Barbara C.

"The blend of music, extraordinary sights, journaling and laughter made this a retreat of a lifetime. I will recommend this to several friends." Jeannine F.

Lodging is at the world-famous Red Cliffs Lodge - one of the finest Western lodges in the United States - featuring delicious food, spacious rooms, and gorgeous views of the Colorado River.  Plus, our phenomenal group rate is only $89 double occupancy!

WA Red Cliffs AfternoonWA Red Cliffs Room


Call (888) 964-6683 or email Water@DanielNahmod.com.