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Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010

1:00pm to 2:00pm ET

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Maponics and Digital Map Products are pleased to present the webinar:

Hyper-local ROI: The Business Case for Search and Display at the Neighborhood Level 

Is hyper-local just hype?  The evidence suggests that Web sites and mobile apps that present information in terms that reflect local context resonate better with target users and will win in the long run.  In terms of geography, the common denominator for local context is clearly the neighborhood.  More than half the world’s population lives in cities—and that portion is estimated to grow to 70% by 2050. Neighborhoods are the most common and natural way for people to talk about local places within cities—whether they are telling you where they live, where they hang-out with friends, or where to find the best pizza.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about the value of presenting your content or service at the hyper-local neighborhood level.  We’ll discuss how to make the business case for adding new hyper-local search and display options to your web site or mobile app.  We’ll illuminate the conversation with real use cases and show neighborhood boundaries in action within cool map displays.  And of course, we’ll answer your questions.  Please join us!