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Hadley Seward and Andrea Moss,
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a virtual book club

We're excited to launch Be Well: a virtual book club for people who want to explore their relationship with their body, mind, and spirit in a supportive environment -- free of charge.

The first book that we will read is Geneen Roth’s bestselling Women, Food, and God. Each week we will explore a chapter of the book in our exclusive online forum, giving participants our thoughts on and encouraging feedback about the material.

Join this special community today.  Once you register, you will receive access to the forum, which will be open on November 1st.  On November 8th, we will begin the discussion of Chapter One. Be prepared to re-discover old favorites and learn new things about yourself in a supportive environment.

We invite you to purchase the book from our store.  For added convenience, we have also listed our next book, The Four Agreements, should you wish to purchase them both at once.