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Uma Kleppinger 
Uma Kleppinger | UmaYoga 

503 8196953 


Wednesday December 8, 2010 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST

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Fresh Air Sports 
520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 627
Bend, OR 97702

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Yoga & Myofascial Release for Optimal Performance

Join BikeYoga guru Uma Kleppinger as she teams up with Myofascial Release Technique expert, Ashleigh Mitchell, for a powerful approach to releasing tension and restriction and optimizing your body's ability to move and perform freely.

This practice begins with Body Rolling to release tension, creating structural changes that are positive, permanent, and can help prevent new injuries from occuring. Body Rolling is a safe and very effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The Body Rolling routines follow specific sequences that match the body’s own logic and order and is a perfect warm up for the yoga to follow, increasing circulation to key areas of the body.

The yoga session will explore the newly-reorganized connective tissues with repetitive circular and lateral movements to balance the typically linear movements encountered in cycling and running. Deep breathing techniques will be utilized to make allow safe, deep stretching and help reset the endocrine systems of the body, allowing for deeper recovery and rest. A short meditation will be included to integrate the physical changes created with a positive mental attitude for maximum success—on and off the bike (or mat).

INCLUDED IN THE WORKSHOP FEE: This workshop includes one Myofascial Release technique ball to take home, as well as a copy of the BikeYoga book.


UMA KLEPPINGER, developer of BikeYoga, teaches cycling-specific yoga classes, workshops and clinics throughout North America. She is the author of the books BikeYoga: A Simple Practice to Tune Up Mind, Body and Spirit and Essential Yoga: A Simple Practice for a Busy Life. With over 20 years' experience in  cycling and endurance sports, Uma has a passion for understanding of sport-specific body mechanics. Renowned for her straightforward approach to yoga as a holistic therapeutic tool, she helps clients work out deep seated physical imbalances, as well as self-limiting mental habits. Uma leads teacher trainings throughout the Pacific Northwest, and is acknowledged as an elite “teacher's teacher.” Uma divides her time between Bend and Portland, OR. When not teaching or writing she can be found riding her bike on the unparalleled and super-awesome singletrack near Bend.

ASHLEIGH MITCHELL is a certified Pilates instructor having completed a comprehensive program through Balance Within Pilates Studio in Redmond, WA. Her education includes Anatomy and Pathology from Bastyr University and the Brian Utting School of Massage; workshops in Pilates and Scoliosis with Michelle Larson, The Eve Gentry Technique, Myofascial Release Techniques Through Movement, and Yamuna Body Rolling. She works in collaboration with physical therapists, chiropractors, body workers, sports coaches and athletic trainers in order to integrate Pilates with other health modalities.