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Class Details

Facilitator:           Jean Hendry

Group size:          Up to 8 participants

Day and time:     Wednesdays, 7 to 9 p.m.

Dates:                  Feb. 9, 16, 23, Mar. 2

Total Cost:          $200 per 4-week session 
                              (includes all meetings & materials)

Location:             Southwest Centennial


GG Johnston 
Be Intentional LLC 
(303) 220-8423 

Be Intentional & Authentic - Inside & Out! 

Session 1: Clearing the Path to Self-Love

This group is focused on how our perceived self worth holds us back and impacts our daily lives. We'll be uncovering belief and action patterns that keep us from stepping into all we long to do or be, and using tools and learning techniques to transform them. Group processes and individual WaveMaker use will support the work required to clear the path to discovering, accepting, embracing & expressing who we really are.

Participating in a personalized group is a powerful life-changing experience.

Working with a professionally trained Be Intentional facilitator and a handful of other participants, you’ll learn to uncover and release the conditioning, thoughts, and resultant behavior holding you back. Clearing those obstacles enables you to move forward with intention, supported by new clarity and increased capacity for success! All Be Intentional group sessions include:

  • Energetic Emotional Repatterning work, specific breathing exercises, guided meditation, music, journaling and group discussion.
  • Individual attention. You'll also benefit from clearing your own energetic conditioning using the Wavemaker, a proven bio-resonance technology.
  • Opportunity to work on both individual and collective group issues.
  • Exploration, recognition and release of emotional conditioning and limiting behaviors and creation of new, supportive thoughts and actions.