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Friday February 11, 2011 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST

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Trivalent Group Headquarters 
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What customers are saying:

"Very fast, 0% packet loss."

- Grand Haven, T3 WiMAX customer

"The switchover to the Hot-Backup link was instantaneous."    

- Grand Rapids, Backup T1 WiMAX customer

"The staff has been very satisfied with the speed and reliability."

- Grand Haven, Dual T1 WiMAX customer

...with WiMAX Solutions from Trivalent.

One hour of network outage can be crippling for any business. It can be staggering how much money is lost when productivity is hindered.

We at Trivalent look at technology like a utility. When you flip on a lightswitch, you expect the lights to turn on. When you turn on your computer, you should be able to access your files, your client information, etc. - IT SHOULD JUST WORK. Trivalent WiMAX will reduce the impact of a network outage by seamlessly turning-up when your primary link goes down. IT JUST WORKS, so your employees can continue without interruption.

WiMAX business services deliver carrier class performance and reliablity at up to half off competitors' rates! Because our carrier partner owns it's licensed spectrum WiMAX (802.16) network and does not simply resell lines from the local phone company, we offer what other providers cannot.

Click below to RSVP for the WiMAX seminar at Trivalent, to be held immediately following our Gateway to the Cloud presentation on February 11th (more info available at:, and learn how Trivalent WiMAX can keep you connected.

Benefits of WiMAX


High Value - Best prices in the industry. No local loop charges, added fees, or taxes on WiMAX services!

Highly reliable - 99.99% (T1) and 99.995% (T3) guaranteed uptime, 70 ms latency.

Convenient - Installation in days, not weeks. Guaranteed uptime.

True Redundancy - for T1, T3/Ethernet, or fiber links.

Secure - Licensed spectrum WiMAX (802.16) network and AES encrypted.