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Saturday February 5, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

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HRS Rabbit Center 
148 Broadway
Richmond, CA 94804

Driving Directions 

Using the Art and Science of Behavior to Enrich Your Relationship with Animals

This all-day class will give you the tools you need to have a more rewarding relationship with all the animals in your life--large or small, mammal, bird, reptile, or fish. Whether you want to modify unwanted behavior, help your pet become more outgoing, or start an exercise program, this class will show you how! Through a combination of lecture, video, in-class problem-solving

exercises, and games, you will learn

  • the principals of behavior and how all animals learn
  • how to develop strategies for changing animal behavior and preventing future unwanted behavior
  • the basics of positive, effective, and enriching training techniques that can be used with any species of animal

After completing the class, you will be able to

  • see how the universal principals of learning apply to your animals and yourself
  • understand the role animal caregivers have in the development of behaviors in their pets
  • observe more accurately your animal's and your own behavior
  • develop strategies to set up the environment for success
  • understand the basic process of behavior modification
  • understand the pros and cons of various training strategies
  • start using skills to effectively train animals in your home

Dr. Susan Brown graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1976. She has practiced strictly exotic animal medicine since 1980 and is the founder of the Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital, the first all-exotic animal vet in the country. Currently she operates The Behavior Connection (, which is dedicated to teaching people how to improve their relationship with their pets through the science of behavior and the art of training.

Dr. Brown co-founded the Greater Chicago Ferret Association and was their first medical director. She was the health director for the Chicago chapter of the House Rabbit Society and is currently the health director for the national House Rabbit Society. She has lectured extensively to veterinarians and the general public in the US and Europe on the veterinary care of exotic pets, particularly rabbits and ferrets. She has published numerous articles in veterinary and lay publications and is the co-author of three books on small mammal care.

Starting in 2004, Dr. Brown has studied animal behavior and training techniques in order to teach caregivers of any species of animal to enrich the relationship they have with their pet. She believes that the better people understand the animals under their care, the higher the quality of life will be for animals and people alike.