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12 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet Now to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Other Illnesses

In recent years, we’ve all been “programmed” to:

  •  Reduce or cut out fats, especially saturated fats
  • Steer clear of red meat and eggs
  • Consider anything labeled “fat-free” as a healthy choice
  • Focus on intake of dietary cholesterol

 Brand new research has shown that this approach is not working.

The problem is that the wrong messages are being conveyed regarding diet and people are dying because of it. Join this webinar and be among the first to learn what 2010 research has shown about diet, heart disease, and statins.


12 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet Now to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Other Illnesses
Presented by Dr. Jim Painter
 Archived Recording: 90-minute program
$35 AAFCS members    ($50 nonmembers)
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In just 90 minutes, here’s what you will learn and discuss:

  • The 12 foods that everyone should add to their diet right now
  • How these 12 dietary components  are intertwined with heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and other illnesses
  • The effects of changing your diet and adding these foods vs. taking a  statin medication
  • Fat and cholesterol distribution in the body and how to achieve the right balance
  • How to reduce the risk of heart disease and aid recovery after a heart attack

The new information and insights you will learn are applicable not only to older adults or those with heart disease, but to teenagers and young adults—the ages at which heart disease really begins.  (And it is rising rapidly in 30- to 40-year-olds.)

Before you teach another class on health, nutrition, wellness, or related topics, it is vitally important that you update your own knowledge with the latest information.  Learn from an FCS professional—one  who works closely with cardiac dietitians—what  the latest research shows and how you can help others eat right and live longer.

About the presenter:  James E. Painter, PhD, RD, is a nationally recognized food psychologist and nutrition educator who is chair of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University.  His first AAFCS webinar, Food Psychology: Why We Eat More Than We Think, was extremely well-received. His entertaining, thought-provoking presentations about portion sizes, calorie reduction, heart health, antioxidants, and other topics have taken him around the world to inspire audiences and help them succeed in today's food culture.

 Who should register?

Anyone who teaches on health and nutrition-related topics or has an interest in updating their knowledge, specifically related to foods and heart disease.

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