SMT Patriotic Wedge Small

Mike Tait
SMT Golf
888 693 4001


Special Patriotic Wedge offer ends May 3rd 2011


SMT Golf Patriotic Wedge 

     Make a strong patriotic statement with an award winning SMT wedge that will be custom engraved with the symbol of our great country and fully assembled with a Golf Pride Patriotic red, white & blue grip.


For a small additional fee of only $12, we will custom engrave one line of text below the American Flag to personalize your wedge or to honor someone who has served our great country.


For a total up charge of only $19, we can engrave two lines below our national symbol to further recognize the individual in a rather unique way. 


We will hand laser these fine details on the back of your fully customized and fully assembled wedge.


A portion of every wedge sold will go directly to the Folds Of Honor Foundation.


This is a limited time offer, don't delay.



*Estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks due to personalized custom engraving of each wedge.

Click Here To Buy Now! Fully assembled/custom Patriotic Wedges are only $99 each.

Additional single line custom engraving is only $12 extra per wedge.

Additional double line custom engraving is only $19 extra per wedge.

Call us at 888-693-4001 to request these custom engraving options on your order.