Boot Camp GiveAways

Saturday, March 26th, 1pm - 6pm


EVS Headquarters
Glendale, CA

For Pro Level 1 Graduates
Registration Fee: $399

(by March 24 @ Midnight)

For Knowledgable Professionals
Registration Fee: $449

Wanna do Pro Level 1 first?  CLICK HERE


1. Choosing the right settings for the camera. 

2. Film-like set ups.

3. Double-system sound recording. 
4. Lensing: zooms vs primes.

5. Follow Focus options.

6. Good use of available light for outdoors.
7. The transcoding process.

8. Picture style application.

9. Working with car mounts.

10. Moving with handheld rigging.
11. Adjusting shoulder mount solutions.

12. Monitoring in the field.

13. Going guerilla style and not getting caught.
14. Protecting the CMOS sensor from overheating.
15. Proper exposure in a variety of conditions.
16. Seeing into the greys.

17. Using a viewfinder to get critical focus.

18. Rolling footage like you would roll film.
19. Downloading in the field.

20. Focusing on the move.
21. In-camera audio solutions.
22. Battery packs for long shoots.
23. Planing setups around the camera.
24. On-camera lighting solutions.
25. Putting it all together into a show reel.

Canon DSLR Pro Level 2 Boot Camp
Advanced On-Set Techniques
Saturday, March 26th  1-6pm
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ARE YOU READY TO START SHOOTING?  Come to our Pro Level 2 Canon Boot Camp and you'll shoot for five hours with dollies, car mounts, hand-held rigs, a full array of the latest in lighting and display technology. We'll cover advanced techniques for the Canon DSLR cameras

We have the highest rated workshop in town and The Association is now offering Pro Level 2 which covers what professionals need to know on-set to handle a variety of real "Hollywood-style" shooting situations. The script is being written, the actors are lined up, so register today online or call 818 841-9660 and register in advance.

Snehal Patel, a veteran in DSLR production and post, will talk you through  diverse shooting situations during the  5-hour BOOT CAMP. You will be required to film a portion of a short scene that will be created by the class.  The scene will involve handheld shots, dolly moves and car mounts. This scene will become a part of the Boot Camp Reel.

On Set

We will take the short scene project from start to finish - filming to post, so that you can see how it's done for real, on a set, putting to practice everything that was learned in Pro Level 1.  This time our actress moves from off the set, into the field as we set up car shots, outdoor action and indoor, high contrast lighting.  Remember, we download our files in triplicate and then get them ready for post.


When you sign up, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for cool toys from  Marshall Monitors, Hoodman, LitePanels and others.


The cost of the Workshop is $399* if you register by the Thursday before ($449* if you register after that)

The cost of the Workshop is $449* if you register by the Thursday before ($499* if you register after that).

If you did not attend Pro Level 1, you must register as a Knowledgable Professional and you must email for approval.  We require everyone taking this particular workshop to have a certain level of knowledge and understanding of this camera system.

For completing the boot camp, you'll receive a Certification from The Association of Film and Video Producers that you completed "Pro Level Two: Canon DSLR

Our workshops have been roaring successes, and fill up fast, so SIGN UP NOW.

Contact Jeff at The Association:   
(818) 841-9660

Wanna do Pro Level 1 first?  CLICK HERE

You will be contacted by email with details about the location of the class. If you're interested in future training opportunities, send me an email and we'll put you on our mailing list.

*There are no refunds