Living Appreciative Inquiry through Challenging Times

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Wednesday May 25, 2011 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM PDT

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This webinar focuses on the extraordinary story of how a long term Appreciative Inquiry (AI) practitioner used AI through one of the most challenging personal times of her life. Join Dr Jeanie Cockell to explore how, even in the most difficult circumstances of surviving a very serious car accident, living AI helped in her miraculous recovery.

AI is an energizing approach for sparking positive change in people and their worlds day-to-day. AI is a way of being and seeing that focuses on strengths, successes, the best of others and situations, what is working well and just what is in front of us. In this interactive webinar you will engage in how each of us can choose to live AI daily and how that leads to miraculous recoveries and amazing interpersonal relationships.

Designed For:

Leaders, team members, individuals desiring to practice personal positive change, people living through challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define Appreciative Inquiry as a personal daily practice
  • Recognize the positive impact on oneself and others of living Appreciative Inquiry through challenging times
  • Identify ways to apply the tools of Appreciative Inquiry in all aspects of life – work, family, community
  • Explore stories that illustrate this practice


Jeanie Cockell EOC pictureDr. Jeanie Cockell lives and breathes Appreciative Inquiry as an orientation to life. She specializes in using Appreciative Inquiry as an organizational and community development process; a research methodology; a leadership and personal development approach; and a foundation for fostering collaboration in groups.

Jeanie is an educational and organizational consultant who facilitates workshops, trains facilitators and works with organizations to build collaborative, creative, innovative, highly effective working relationships and goal achievement. She has facilitated groups of all sizes from small executive teams to 500 - 700 person all staff engagements. Her work is based on her background as an adult educator and college leader combined with doctoral research into creating collaborative teams. Currently she is co-authoring a book on appreciative inquiry and higher education.

To read Dr. Jeanie Cockell's complete Expert on Call profile, please click here.

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