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Wednesday October 5, 2011 at 9:00 AM CDT
Friday October 7, 2011 at 9:00 PM CDT

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The Fire Center
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Doors Open at 9:30am                                                
Session 1...........10:00am - 12:00pm                        Lunch..................12:00pm - 1:30pm
Session 2..........1:30pm - 3:00pm                     Session 3.........TBA Daily                                      Supper Break                                               Evening Service 7:00pm

No nursery or childcare will be provided.

*Also this week a Graduation Ceremony is to be held for all School of Supernatural Children's Ministry Grads and an Ordination service for Select KIMI Reps


KIMI's 2nd Annual Leadership Conference

Twenty years ago, surveys say, only 12% of the American population claimed to have had any type of paranormal experiences. When surveyed last year the numbers had jumped to 65%. A 2005 Gallup poll indicated that about three out of four Americans have at least one paranormal belief, whether it be a belief in extrasensory perception, hauntings, or that ghosts of dead people can come back in certain situations and others.

Over a million new immigrants are flooding into the US every year from nations who practice occultic religions, and they are bringing their religions with them. Couple this with the mindboggling deluge of witchcraft, spell-casting, fortune telling, psychic materials being presented in today’s media for adults and children alike and you have an environment where the supernatural is not just on the rise, but in your face.

Whether we realize it or not our children are being greatly affected by it. There are popularly selling books on the internet for parents like “Kids Who See Ghosts” and TV shows like “Psychic Kids” on the dark side. And on the God-side children’s ministers talk about kids who just “go to heaven” during their worship times, and those who tell of adventures of going in and out of the spirit realm frequently visiting the throne room of God and playing with angels. Both Christian and non-Christian children report talking with spirits and dead people.

Reports from those who work with autistic children tell us these children are super sensitive to the spirit realm, and regularly hear voices telling them to hurt themselves. What are we to do with issues like this? Right now the only answers are to medicate the children. We barely heard of such things ten years ago in children’s ministry. Today they are all around us.

This is a conference where we will address what’s happening and how to relate and understand the children who experience these things. We will discuss and answer questions like:

  • How do we help children who regularly see demons or ghosts as well as angels?
  • What about children to who "go to heaven" at will?
  • What happens if a child manifests demonically during your children’s service?
  • What spiritual authority do we have to deliver children if their parents are not there or are not Christians?
  • Just because a child has a paranormal experience, does he need deliverance?
  • What about children who demonstrate gender identity confusion? Is this a deliverance issue?
  • How do we pastor the children who are having heavenly experiences that even border on out of body experiences?
  • What is the wide range of paranormal / supernatural experiences children are having these days and how can we discern the source of the event as from God or the devil?

This conference is not for the faint of heart! Guest speakers will be Becky Fischer, founder and director of Kids in Ministry International, Angela Greenig of Set Free Ministries, and Tami Brown, the mother of an autistic child who has been set free, and a professional in the field of autism as well as the occult.

                         DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER! SPACE IS LIMITED!

However, you can now register to watch via LIVE STREAMING on the internet! See options below!

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$60.00 after Wednesday October 5, 2011                                                                                                           Register for LIVE STREAMING via the internet (After you register a link and password will be sent to you by email to access the conference online.  $50.00 ($60.00 after Wed October 5, 2011.)

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