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Summiteer Package: Buy 100 Books, Get up to $12,000+ in Bonuses 

ROE CoverSpots: Limited to 3
Cost: $1400
Bonuses: Worth up to $12,000+

With your purchase of 100 copies of Running on Empty, you receive (in addition to my sincere appreciation and gratitude):

One-on-one Skype video-conference -- ask me anything! Want me to watch you run on a treadmill and tell you what I see about your form? Give you advice on training for an upcoming event? On the greatest adventure vacations? On how to fix a tractor? Seriously, we can talk about whatever you like.

Live Presentation ($7,500) to any size audience: I’ll fly anywhere in the U.S. or Canada to make a presentation to any size audience. We’ll figure out if one of my keynote speeches is what you need or if we need to create a custom one-hour program.

BBQ with the crew (priceless): You and a guest are invited to visit Idaho Springs, hang out on my back deck, and meet my heroes from behind-the-scenes of Running on Empty, the crew that saw America one mile at a time, fed me, massaged me, kept me hydrated, and prevented me from becoming roadkill—an unglamorous but incredibly important job.

All items in the Explorer package ($150+): Paul and Layne Cutright's "How to Create Successful Relationships" and never-published, private journal entries from my summit of Mt. Everest.


4-day Galapagos Cruise ($1500): Meet Heather and me in Quito, Ecuador and take off for an island-hopping excursion to one of the most strange and wonderful places on earth! You’ll see diverse native species, including both land and marine iguanas, tame sea lions, albatrosses (with their crazy courtship dance) and penguins—both the only living tropical birds of their kind—and the famous giant tortoise, galapago, for which the islands were named. Stay overnight and have your meals on the cruise ship, and spend your days admiring this amazing natural preserve and ecological treasure.


Treehouse lunch ($5300+) with the real estate “rock czar” and bestselling author Frank McKinney,including up to $300 airfare to get you to Ft. Lauderdale. An experience usually available only by charity auction, Frank will take you to his treehouse overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Delray Beach, Florida for a private lunch, and you can get one-on-one advice on whatever you want to talk about. He’s a multimillion-dollar developer with a monster tolerance for risk, so a lot of people ask him about that. They also ask about his philanthropic work in Haiti, or about his strategies at the Badwater Ultramarathon.


Day out with Aron Ralston and me ($5,000): Come have some fun with me and the man who survived being trapped in Blue John Canyon, whose story was made into the movie 127 Hours. You choose how strenuous you want it to be, from brunch or lunch and a walk in a scenic place to a serious hike in a more challenging environment. We’ll let you help us choose where to go near Boulder, Colorado.

Total value: Up to $12,000+ (for $1400 of books)

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