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Budgeting and Debt Management:        
An FCS Approach

Money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce, stress, and family conflict. Family and consumer sciences professionals understand this better than most.  But there are a vast number of individuals who don’t know the difference between a debit and credit card or what a FICO score is.

 As FCS professionals, we must be well prepared to teach about budgeting and managing debt.

We know that financial woes are often the underlying cause of illness, low morale, depression, missed work time, and general irritability. Indeed the root cause of the economic downturn was that too many people took out loans that they couldn’t pay back. And this has led to foreclosures, suicides, imprisonment, and severe family hardships.

We also know that, as FCS professionals, we must be role models….and we must have both advanced levels of financial literacy and corresponding effective teaching strategies in order to help others.  This content should be taught from a family perspective and with the FCS mission in mind: to empower individuals, families, and communities to improve the global society.

 That is why this webinar was developed specifically for FCS professionals by an FCS professional.

 AAFCS is proud to offer the following educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):

 Budget and Debt Management:  An FCS Approach

Presented by Dr. Linda Simpson

Archived Event - 90-minute program

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In just 90 minutes, you will learn dozens of effective strategies for improving the way students of any age learn about vital topics such as:

  • Creating a sound Financial Plan—the 6 key elements
  • Setting up an Emergency Fund—what’s the best formula?
  • Protecting one’s credit rating—how to avoid the top 3 missteps most people make
  • Developing a budget—plus 6 ways to make it work, starting tomorrow
  • Understanding how spending is tied to our emotions
  • Discovering simple ways to reward yourself, reduce guilt, and lessen stress on the family

All of the basics of developing a financial plan and a budget will be covered as well as what you and your students need to know about credit reports, FICO scores and the true out-of-pocket cost of poor credit. (Keeping up with the Jones’ may be keeping your credit score down!)

You’ll receive simple and effective worksheets, along with guidelines on how to jumpstart personal budgeting…and sticking to it!  Useful websites, online tools, and other resources will be shared. And this webinar has a direct relationship to STEM objectives.  But there’s much more to gain in 90 minutes….

What Most Financial Planning Programs Don’t Address

Compulsive behavior, emotional problems and even conditions such as hoarding often can be linked to poor financial management. The average person does not realize this.  That’s the knowledge gap that FCS professionals are best suited to address.

Motivation is Key to Changing Behavior

For real change in behavior, individuals must be able to see beyond the bank statements and discover what the real bottom line is:  less stress. With an FCS approach to personal family finance, it is more likely that

  • Couples will understand the real connection between their checkbook and their marriage
  • College students will be able to start a career without a crushing debt load
  • Teenagers will learn how to save for a car
  • Retirees will be able to enjoy the golden years

Financial Literacy is Rapidly Becoming a Mandate

There’s no question about it—mandated financial literacy programs are here to stay. It is no longer considered an “extra” or “luxury” education. And today, in some states, financial educators must have verified competency for teaching this content. This is clearly the direction of the future!

Millions of Baby Boomers Will Be Retiring Soon

As more boomers reach peak years of retirement savings, personal investments are expected to increase and more people will seek the help of experts. People are living longer and thus will need to finance longer retirements. Personal financial advisors are projected to grow by 30% over 2008-2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The specialized training in personal and family finance offered in this webinar will help to prepare you for a variety of career opportunities.

Keep It In FCS!

FCS professionals need to be at the forefront of this rapid expansion of financial literacy education for all age groups.  With the unique qualifications and holistic approach of FCS, it is a good match for the financial literacy needs of today.  

Before you teach another class on financial literacy, register for this webinar, and learn how you can be most effective in helping others. 

 About the presenter:  Linda Simpson, PhD, is a professor in Consumer Studies at Eastern Illinois University. She has taught this topic at the university level for 15 years and has made dozens of presentations. Dr. Simpson holds three FCS degrees: a PhD in FCS Education and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in FCS.

Who should register?  This webinar is ideal for all FCS professionals, and anyone who teaches or wishes to teach in the area of personal finance.

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